5 Actionable SEO tips that work

5 Actionable SEO tips that work
Very often, SEO requires tons of hard work. It’s either content or backlink building, on-page optimization, mobile development or hundreds of other things, which affect Google algorithm. But, based on my experience you can try these three things, which will significantly boost your Google traffic in some weeks. And it will take you 30 minutes to implement them (if you run a WordPress site). It can take more time for other sites.
  1. Optimize your images.
  2. Create AMP pages.
  3. Use caching.

1. Take image optimization seriously

You can read, that images need to optimized in almost every SEO blog out there. But, maybe you just scroll down. In fact, on my experience, it did boost traffic a lot! In WordPress, there are plenty of FREE plugins, which you can install and compress your images in minutes. Try these: Tinify, Imagify, Smush Plugin. All of them have a free option, which is totally fine for an average site or blog. For example, Tinify offers 500 free image optimizations per month and then you need to pay per image. 500 images per month – is enough. Now, how does it relate to SEO? Compressed images -> Faster website -> Higher Google ranks And if you do it for hundreds or thousands of pages (you can use bulk optimization options in all these plugins) – you will see how your keywords are going up in Google.

2. AMP pages

Again, there are plenty of FREE AMP plugins – I personally like WP AMP. To be clear, AMP pages is a MUST HAVE feature. See, website speed is among most crucial Google ranking factors. AMP technology takes it to another level – your pages are hosted on a separate cloud server, which makes them insanely fast. And of course, Google rewards for that! After just enabling AMP plugin for WordPress – I have seen massive influx of traffic to these pages. Usually they will have this kind of url www.awesomesite.com/blog/super-blog/amp You can see in Google Analytics, that sometimes page views for these pages is higher than for original ones! And these pages rank higher in Google, than standard pages.

3. Caching plugin

Third website-speed hack for today – use caching system. It makes your site faster – and you rank higher in Google. In WordPress there are plenty of free plugins – I personally prefer WP rocket. Thanks for reading! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 New Year Resolutions are constantly one of a kind to the individual, however with regards to most organizations today, enhancing SEO technique is ordinarily on the highest priority on the rundown of things to enhance in the new year.   New Year Resolutions are constantly novel to the individual, yet with regards to most organizations today, enhancing SEO technique is regularly on the highest priority on the rundown of things to enhance in the new year.   Since SEO is an order that continually changes with the occasions, we’re here to share a few hints you can begin applying today to enhance your positioning and acquire greater quality guests and prompts your site that will be important in the year to come. Continue perusing underneath!    
  1. Make quality content
  It’s difficult to run over a site today that doesn’t have a blog. For items or administrations that are not content-centered, commonly not very many assets are put into content-creation. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to enhance the positioning for your site, heartless and visit content simply centered around watchwords is simply not going to cut it any longer.   It’s critical to convey an incentive to your group of onlookers by covering themes they’re occupied with, upgrade the planning of your substance, and emerge with your tone. You’ll get quality peruses, as well as have the capacity to raise your image’s status as an idea pioneer simultaneously.  
  1. Manufacture strong backlinks
  Gone are the times of building backlinks on any site you can discover. With Google’s AI innovation getting more astute constantly, it’s ending up less compelling to just form however many connections as could be expected under the circumstances, since they’re presently ready to separate a solid connection from a temperamental one. Since backlinks are as yet a standout amongst the best approaches to raise your positioning, it’s more about making quality substance genuine sources will need to share, and putting resources into strong organizations that can help you here.  
  1. Empower the best perusing background
  The measure of time a client spends on your site extraordinarily influences your SEO positioning, so it’s unmistakable why their experience ought to be enhanced to support longer perusing. This implies settling every single broken connection and bugs, have a simple to-utilize route structure, streamlining the speed, and like above, having drawing in content your group of onlookers will need to invest energy perusing. Put resources into a knowledgeable UX/UI architect, and you’re guaranteed to see your SEO make strides.  
  1. Look Sensual on Mobile
  The whole web is going portable, as an ever-increasing number of individuals are picking to surf utilizing their telephones. Thus, Google will just expand its prioritization of versatile shows over the long haul. Ensuring your site is versatile inviting will help with SEO, and eventually change from the client’s side. This involves making your site dependable, stacks rapidly, and all the substance is effortlessly intelligible.  
  1. Recognize what the general population need
  Google isn’t only about patterns. Or maybe, patterns control their business. With client conduct moving far from long from content and towards more pictures and video content, it’s solitary characteristic that Google gets on and acts accordingly. Joining more types of media in your substance for 2018 is an approach to not just make stickiness for guests on your site, however you’ll be on top of things as Google plots new calculations to stay aware of this pattern.