How to promote your blog online?

How to promote your blog online?

In SEO world it’s really important not just to create content, but amplify it in the right way.

Some even apply famous 20-80 rule to this: 20 percent of effort should go to creating content and 80 – to amplifying it.

So, here is some overview.

Amplifying Content (e.g. new e-book)

Period: over month

Included in Newsletter (automatically)
email with new blog or summary of blogs over the week.

Sent to social media (automatically)


Schedule on Social Media over a month:

Post blog link on twitter 3 times/ week over month

Post link on geniebelt facebook page 2-3x a month (depends on total post frequency)

Post blog link 2 times/ month as a status update.

Google Plus:
Once public profile share.


Include to the board, add hastags


1 image for blog

Share on other social media platforms:   (it’s sharing our content automatically)    (under maintenance)

(presentations, infographics)

(pictures, infographics)

Share rarely

Share to social media groups:

Facebook: 10 groups

Linkedin: 5 groups

Google+: 10 groups

Green – groups with most followers, highest engagement rate, etc

Add new groups, if they aren’t there.

Share to relevant bloggers and publishers:

At least 30 per blog post

Relevant bloggers, and publishers:
Google search – article and find most relevant.

Buzzsumo, Buzzstream (and many other tools) can be used for content/influencers research.

Send them a message/tweet/email:
“We wrote this article after getting inspired by your work. We thought you had some great thoughts on it and we basically wrote the post after seeing it (link). Here’s a  link to our post! Would you mind tweeting or even dropping a link on your blog?

With our exchanges – build relationships to the bloggers in our network.

-First/last name, email, twitter handle, link to their website, personal blog

Include relevant and interesting blogs here:

Share on other resources:

Leave comments on relevant articles with link to GenieBelt

Q&A websites with similar questions, search in Google: *topic* q&a or *topic* answers, etc




Forums with similar topics, search in Google: *topic* forums

Create profiles on that forums with link to GenieBelt


Other info

Possible Guest posting with link to own blog.

Plus scheduling some interesting old blogs on social media

Further Guides:

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Including tweet or facebook button in email

You can get full amplification strategy here: