How to create evergreen videos on YouTube?

So, in this quick guide I will share my experience with creating evergreen YouTube content.

Advantages of evergreen videos on YouTube:

  • even old videos bring views;
  • your views grow every month (old evergreen videos + new videos);
  • predictable growth and revenue.

In case you have experience with startups, it can be similar to SaaS (software as a service) model. For example, Zoom doesn’t need to start every month from zero revenue, instead it adds up new subscribers to existing ones.

Similar with YouTube, if you don’t have evergreen content, you might have a viral month – your video got millions of views, but the next month – it all might be gone, and you need to start from scratch.

How to create evergreen videos on YouTube?

1. Type of content

These are usually types of evergreen videos:

  • tutorials
  • educational videos
  • how-to videos
  • documentaries, etc.

If you created a video about “how to bow a tie” – it will be actual even few years after a publishing date, and will bring views.

So, the more content of this category you have – the more evergreen views you will get on YouTube.

2. Keyword research

But, what works for my YouTube channel, is creating videos based on keywords.

I have a lot of experience with SEO and basically, if you have ever written a content for blog, you know that keyword research is crucial. Every month people are searching for specific keywords.

If you rank for a keyword in Google search or YouTube search, your video will get views every month!

For example, my video “how to add someone in WhatsApp” has nearly 100K views, it constantly gets 5-7K monthly views. Why? Because all keyword variations for “add someone in Whatsapp” have ~10K monthly searches and my video ranks on the first position in YouTube and Google.

If you type “add someone whatsapp” you will see my video ranking in top.

Here is my full guide to YouTube keyword research.

3. YouTube SEO

Basically, after you have found your keyword, created and uploaded video – you should also mention this keyword and its variations in:

  • YouTube title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Spell it in the video
  • Upload a thumbnail

In my experience, YouTube title and description are most important.

Here are my YouTube tags for this video – numbers are positions for which it ranks in YouTube search.

4. Use YouTube tools

I really recommend using tools for two above tasks.

You need:

1. YouTube keyword research tools

I personally use or Ahrefs – they both have a specific tab for YouTube keywords. Both these tools are paid though.

You can use a free tool – Ubersuggest. It won’t give you a specific YouTube data, but I noticed that general Google keywords work also for YouTube. For example, if people are searching “how to bow a tie” on Google, in most cases this keyword also works for YouTube.

2. YouTube SEO tools

My favorite SEO tools for YouTube are VidIQ and TubeBuddy. These are freemium tools, there are plenty of useful free features.

Especially, if you are just starting with YouTube and YouTube SEO – definitely check out those tools.


So, these are some tips for creating evergreen videos on YouTube. Hope you will get some views!