YouTube video disclaimers - what you should know?

What is a YouTube disclaimer?

A YouTube disclaimer is a statement placed usually in the video’s description that helps reduce legal liabilities or provide protection for original content.

When do you need a disclaimer on YouTube?

You might need a disclaimer on YouTube, if:

  • your provide some advice;
  • your video features other people's intellectual property;
  • your video features your own copyrighted materials.

Types of YouTube disclaimers

  • YouTube copyright disclaimer
  • YouTube fair use disclaimer
  • YouTube disclaimer for music
  • YouTube liability disclaimer

Where to include a YouTube disclaimer?

YouTube description

The most common place to include a YouTube disclaimer is a description of YouTube video.

About page

You can include a general disclaimer in your About page on YouTube channel.

First few seconds of the video

You can include a disclaimer when your video starts. Just create a screen with a legal text.

Your website

Of course, you can also have a dedicated page on your website with a YouTube disclaimer. And the link to this page from YouTube.

Examples of YouTube disclaimers

YouTube disclaimer - example

How to generate a YouTube disclaimer?

There are many website which can help you with creating a YouTube disclaimer - for free or a small fee.