How to add timestamps in YouTube comments or descriptions?

Time-stamping on YouTube is a great feature.

What are YouTube timestamps?

Timestamps are links to parts of your YouTube video, which can be placed either in YouTube descriptions or comments.

Something like this:

0:01 intro
0:10 main part
0:25 end

Only you as a creator can add timestamps in descriptions, but all your viewers can add timestamps in the comments.

Why you need YouTube timestamps?

There are many use cases, but basically it saves so much time.

For example, if the video is super long, but you are interested only in a specific part of it - with a time-stamp you can quickly jump to that part of the video.

If there is a cool funny moment in the video usually viewers will leave a timestamp in the comments - so everyone else can jump there.

If you are a creator - you can times-stamp chapters of your video in the comment and then pin that comment to the top.

Famous Russian YouTuber - Vdud - does it with all of his interviews.

It can be a good idea to timestamp both in YouTube description and comment section - some people prefer descriptions, other - comments.

How to add timestamps in YouTube description?

So, while you uploading your video, just add timestamps in description, for example:

0:01 intro
0:10 main part
0:25 end

Use this format: hours:minutes:seconds

Actually, it can be a good idea to first upload video and then add timestamps while you are editing it. This way it is much easier to manage timestamps.

Yeah, it can be a tedious process for longer videos...

If you know a tool, which helps with YouTube timestamping - leave it in the comments below. :)

How to add comment timestamps in YouTube?

After you added timestamps in description - you can copy them to comments.

So, your video should be already uploaded.

  1. Log in with your creator account to
  2. Go to the video comment section and paste timestamps.

3. Press comment. Now your timestamps will appear as links. By clicking on them you will be redirected to the relevant time in the above video.

4. Top tip: pin your comment with timestamps - so it appears in the top.

5. From this menu you can also edit your timestamps - if something changes.

It is also possible to add timestamps in YouTube mobile app