YouTube timestamps in description - what you should know?

You can put timestamps in YouTube description.

That’s pretty handy for your viewers.

But, did you know, that YouTube timestamps can also massively help for you YouTube SEO?

For example, your videos can be displayed as featured snippets in top position in Google, with a specific segment, which answers the specific search query.


Google Key Moments

Google Key Moments are helpful timestamps for the viewer.

When Google returns a search results with Key Moments.

For example, if you search for “how to add tags to youtube” you will see this result in Google. It’s a first result in Google search, above everything else. This video gets a lot of traffic and views!

google key moments

And when you hit enter, Google will show you a suggested clip – pretty cool.

So, instead of watching the full 10 min video, Google shows you exact part of the video, which solves your problem.

As you can see in the description of the YouTube video, there are timestamps. They help Google to identify Google Key moments.


How to create Google timestamps?

1. Divide your video into time slots.

2. Type these exact times in the following format hour:minute:seconds.

3. Repeat this process for every timestamp.

4. Save your changes.