YouTube subscribe link - best practices

If you run a channel, YouTube subscribe link is a pretty big deal.

If used correctly, it can significantly boost number of your subscribers.

So, let’s dive right into it.


How to create a YouTube subscribe link?

Before doing cool stuff with your YouTube subscribe link, first you need to get link itself. 😅

And it’s a bit complicated.

1. Go to your channel homepage.

2. Add ?sub_confirmation=1 after your channel URL. Copy the link.

YouTube subscribe link

You can add this parameter after your channel name URL (even if you changed to branded channel name) or YouTube username URL.

These two examples would work.

You can ask, what’s the difference, why I can’t just copy channel URL and I should add sub_confirmation? Because, if someone clicks a proper YouTube subscribe link, there will be this nice popup.

YouTube subscribe link popup


YouTube subscribe link – best practices

1. Create a nice, short link

You should definitely transform this ugly subscription link into something short and sweet. Something like: or

There are plenty of URL shorteners, where you can create a custom link (I like bitly).

2. Include link in the YouTube channel art


YouTube Customize link

b. Go to About page on your channel.

c. Scroll to the bottom and add a YouTube link.

add subscribe link in YouTube channel art

d. It will appear like this.

3. Amplify your link

Share your pretty YouTube subscription link on social media, include it in all your channels (newsletter, blog, podcast, SoMe, etc).

4. BONUS: add a channel branding watermark, ideally with a Subscribe image. It can give a nice boost for your subscriptions!



Feel free to leave any additional questions or comments in the section below. 👇