YouTube spelling - ultimate guide

There is a lot of confusion, what is the correct way to spell or write "YouTube" and "YouTuber", either to use a/an.

Is it "youtube", "Youtube" or "YouTube"?

An "YouTuber" or a "YouTuber"?

Let's dive in.

The easiest way to check all of it is just to read on support website or blog. These folks should know the spelling rules for their own brand, right?

As you can see on their blog, official name is "YouTube".

Should "YouTube" be capitalized in a sentence?

Answer: YouTube should be capitalized in a sentence.

Should "T" be capitalized?

So, is it "Youtube" (lowercase t) or "YouTube" (uppercase T)?

According to official website, T is capitalized.

Answer: YouTube - T should be capitalized

Should "YouTuber" be capitalized?

According to this answer from Quora,

Yes. YouTuber is a noun and part of standard English. It means a person who uploads, produces, or appears in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. OED.

Do you capitalize ‘YouTuber’ in an essay/sentence? - Quora

Also, in this article from official YouTube blog, it is spelled "YouTuber", "YouTubers".

Answer: yes, "YouTuber" should be capitalized

"an YouTuber" or "a YouTuber"?

Another common question is: should you use "a" or "an" with YouTuber?

From Quora:

Usage of 'a' or 'an' in english is distinctly based on pronunciation. If a word starts with a vovel the prefix is 'an'. In this case even though the word starts with 'y' it is pronounced as 'u' ; hence prefixing “an” is correct.

A,e,i,,o,u, So it will be an youtuber.

However, in the article from YouTube, they use "a YouTuber".

Answer: "an YouTuber", however used "a YouTuber" in official documentation

Hope this quick overview was helpful 😉

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