YouTube niche ideas

How to choose a great YouTube niche?

If you want to be successful in YouTube - it is one of the most important questions.

How to choose a YouTube niche?

In my experience, your YouTube niche should combine two things:

- content you love to produce;

- content you will be paid for or which will get views.

Of course, this principle can be applied to most things in life.

Imagine, if you like to produce content around balloons. You are super excited about this topic. And you can create videos about balloons day and night. That is the first step!

Biggest Tomato in the Field!
Photo by Blake Cheek / Unsplash

But, passion is not enough.

Because, if you want to run a successful YouTube biz, there also should be a demand in market. Your balloons videos should get either a high CPM or there should be a demand from advertisers (for sponsorships, affiliate deals, partnerships) or this niche should have a massive audience - e.g. millions of kids want to watch balloons videos.

If there is no second part - you can create thousands of balloons videos, but there will be no views, no revenue.

On the other hand, there are some profitable niches - finance, tech, gadget reviews. If you don't have enough passion, you won't be able to create thousands of videos, experiment and reach the video quality needed to go viral on YouTube.

Maybe you can push yourself to do it - but will you be happy?

So, try to find niche, which is profitable, but also where you have some passion.

  • Finance (Competition is Low)
  • How To’s (Competition is Low)
  • Health Care (Competition is Low)
  • Product’s Review (Competition is Medium)
  • Travel (Competition is Medium)
  • Technology (Competition is Medium)
  • Fashion (Competition is Medium)
  • Motivational (Competition is Medium)
  • Gaming (Competition is Medium)
  • Beauty Tips (Competition is Medium)
  • Food (Competition is High)
  • Fitness (Competition is High)

Be certain that you generally adhere to the theme. Supporters go to your channel for the connected recordings you have effectively done. When your specialty is adequately wonderful, naturally, you will want to construct your channel sees, endorsers in a little board.

Choosing YouTube niche - consider this

1. Your passion

When you choose the niche you are most excited about, have huge loads of substance. It encourages you to accomplish more recordings for your subject. Since you have sufficient information, what is up's, and down depends on your enthusiasm. Additionally, this strategy will pull in your intended interest group when.

2. Rivalry

The rivalry is a little high on YouTube. Hence, you should be sure and steady with your channel. Dissecting your rival is the best practice to construct your channel. Continually gaining from your rivals will make you great.

3. The demand for your niche

Continuously pick the theme which won't lapse later on. For example, choosing an innovation channel is the acceptable one, however, doing obsolete recordings is no utilization.

4. Your experience

If your recordings have more clarification about your specialty, you will be viewed as additional by the YouTube web crawler and in return get more traffic.

YouTube niche ideas - tips

1. Consider narrow niche

YouTube is becoming super crowded and oversaturated with content.

So, maybe it is a good idea to choose a narrow niche instead of a broad one. Find something super specific, targeted at really narrow group of people, where competition is still low.

This can be your chance to get at least some attention and eyeballs.

2. Use keyword tools for ideas

Use tools like Google Trends, Exploding topics, keyword tools - to find niches with high search volume or emerging trends.

It can be a good idea to start YouTube about an emerging trend - e.g. NFTs. Because, there is no much competition in the beginning and this niche will only grow.