YouTube marketing tools

Here is an overview of top tools to grow and market your YouTube channel.


VidiQ is one of the most popular SEO extensions for YouTube. You can access VidiQ Vision Chrome extension for free.

With VidiQ you can see a lot of YouTube data while watching every YouTube video. VidiQ is located in your right sidebar.

With VidiQ you can a quick SEO analysis, tags and keyword overview for either yours or competitors YouTube videos.


TubeBuddy is the second most popular YouTube extension. It has similar features as VidiQ.


Descript is one of the most popular transcription tools. It helps you to add captions to videos or transcribe videos to text.

When you want to promote YouTube videos, it is a great idea to repurpose them in as most other mediums as possible. So, for example, you can transcribe a YouTube video using Descript and create a blog around it.

Another way to repurpose your YouTube video and promote it to a bit different audience is podcasting.

Using free tool, you can just upload your longer YouTube videos and automatically create podcast episodes from them. With you can also add background music.


Zapier is one of the top no-code tools. It glues together different tools.

There are so many use-cases with Zapier and YouTube.

  • When YouTube video is published, upload it to WordPress
  • New YouTube video -> new podcast episode
  • New YouTube video -> new post on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn...

With Zapier you can automate so many tasks, which otherwise will take you hours and days of manual work.

If you don't like Zapier, there are other alternatives - IFTTT, Integrately etc.

YouTube Studio

Of course, YouTube Studio is the vital tool in your YouTube marketing strategy.

This is the place where you upload videos, add thumbnails, titles, descriptions, tags, check analytics, edit videos and so many other things.


Canva is my go-to tool for creating YouTube thumbnails. It provides thousands of beautiful templates and is super easy to use.

Mention helps you to track brand mentions. For example, you will instantly know if someone mentioned your YouTube channel on Twitter or blog - which creates a lot of opportunities for further promotion and amplification.

SoMe scheduling tool

There are so many SoMe scheduling tools, so choose according to your preferences.

Needless to say, that promoting your YouTube videos on social media is incredibly important.

For Twitter:

  • Hypefury
  • Typefully
  • TweetDeck

For all SoMe:

  • Buffer
  • HootSuite
  • Publer


PhantomBuster is a really advanced marketing research and automation tool.

Think of tasks like - scraping members of Facebook or Linkedin groups, getting emails from LinkedIn lists. Similar to Zaps in Zapier, PhantomBuster has Phantoms.


Use FindThatLead to generate leads and capture their emails.

Imagine you created a YouTube video aimed at a specific persona - e.g. CTOs at SaaS startups in New York. With FindThatLead, you can easily get emails of those people.

Cold Email outreach tool

Sometimes you can use cold emailing to promote your YouTube videos.

  • MailMerge
  • MailShake

To sum it up

Of course, there are probably many other tools. In this blog I tried to list tools, which I mostly use.

Another quick observation, is that recently I use a lot of these tools on mobile, not on desktop - YouTube Studio, Canva,, social media apps and so on. So, you can do a bigger chunk of YouTube marketing from your phone, without needing to log in on desktop.