YouTube endscreens

In this blog let's dive into endscreens - elements which you can include near the end of your video.

What are YouTube endscreens?

You can access YouTube endscreens in the Editor section in the sidebar.

Click Add element in the bottom.

Here are the types of elements you can use in YouTube endscreens:

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Subscribe
  • Channel
  • Link (links are only available if you join YouTube Partner Programme)

If you created endscreens earlier, it is possible to save them as a template and quickly apply to new/other videos.

End screen must start after allowed time error

This error happens when you try to change or add End Screen elements to video you already have.

End screen must start after allowed time error

How to fix?

Just clear your current end screen elements and add either new template or new videos/links. That should solve the problem.