YouTube counting views - what you should know

How exactly does YouTube count views?

To see my YouTube views, I use Analytics in YouTube studio app.

Note that views on the live website can be different from internal views.

Internal counter usually shows the real number, while number of views on can be a bit delayed. This is especially true for videos with a lot of views.

Do playlist views count on YouTube?

So if a video is watched inside of a playlist it is still a normal view on YouTube.

If someone specifically watched your playlist - that will count as a playlist view.

Playlist views are separate metric and don't count as normal YouTube views.

How many views do you need for a YouTube Partner Program?

You need 4000 watched hours during last 12 months.

So, it depends what is your average view duration is. A good ratio can be around 3 minutes of watched content for 1 view.

How YouTube shorts views are counted?

You see views from YouTube shorts in the same Analytics tab as regular views. Just you will see that source is different.

Also, views from YouTube shors don't count towards YPP eligibility.

Can you filter YouTube views?

Is there a way to not count specific views? For example, you don't want YouTube to count views from yourself or from a specific IP. I don't think it is possible at the moment. You can do this setup in Google Analytics, but not YouTube.