Top TikTok alternatives

Top TikTok alternatives

So what are top alternatives to TikTok?

There are already a bunch of apps which are competing with each other, who will claim the top spot of TikTok after possible ban. So let’s take a look at top ones.


So at the beginning of this year, probably in spring, one of the top competitors was Zynn.

Zynn app was viral among teenagers, as its offers specific reward program, where they could earn some money online.

It is pretty similar to tik tok, it was actually a clone. So you can try it out but then it just fell off from the charts in App Store.


Byte app is another TikTok alternative. So Byte app was founded by former co-founder of Vine. It doesn’t look exactly like the clone of tik tok It has different features. The design is different, and it has its own base of followers. It’s constantly appears in the top hundred social media apps in the United States and worldwide but then it just drops down.

I tried by it, it looks good, but still the algorithm is not that great and the video you get are not that entertaining as you would get in tik tok.


Another fun app, which is constantly in top charts is Triller.

So you can also try out Triller, it has similar design to TikTok. The same design and everything but again, the recommendation algorithm and quality of video content is not that great…

Clash app

And recently I also checked out clash app. So, little funny app. Super minimalistic that’s what I really liked about it. You can also post videos with super, super minimal functionality.

To sum it up

So that’s about that. But still, after all, these apps did appear in the top 10 apps for social media or even top 10 apps in the world in App Store.

But after a few days TikTok reclaims top spot, because still TikTok in my experience has the most entertaining part and its algorithm is just amazing, the video, they recommend are really funny and entertaining.