Top 8 Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2018

While Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest are growing fast, good old content marketing still remains one of the best performing inbound marketing channels.

Here are top 8 tools you need to use in order to turbocharge your content in 2018.

  1. Ahrefs

IMHO, Ahrefs – one of the top tools for content marketing in 2018. It added a lot of new features and now serves as a standalone tool for SEO.

What you can do in Ahrefs?

Check backlink profile of any site;

Get content ideas – by shares and keywords;


Site SEO audit;

Brand mentions;

and many more.


Best tool for keyword research. It’s easy and fast. Also, it includes keywords from Google search suggestion tab – these are long-tail keywords, you can get a lot of traffic.

3. Buffer

Best tool for scheduling posts on social media.

From recent time, you can post natively on Instagram, also there is a free bulk scheduling option with Buffer.

4. Semrush

Best tool to analyze your competitors traffic, backlinks, keywords, etc.

So, you can get some ideas for your own site.

5. Co-schedule

Best tool to create and manage content calendar.

6. Grammarly

Helps to correct your grammar while you are creating texts.

7. Fiverr

Best site to quickly outsource content. I would recommend fiverr Pro – if you want to get higher quality content.

8. WordPress

WordPress – best CMS for content marketing. It is a perfect middle between simplicity and freedom of configuration.