7 Best tools to optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns

7 Best tools to optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns

With the introduction of Facebook in 2006 social Media saw a BOOM! A simple online social media and social networking website that in its developer’s words “wasn’t even meant turn into a legit company”. It was initially created to profile students and staff at Harvard and taking over the masses in Harvard in a matter of a month and consecutively the whole of the United States and the United Kingdom in about a year.

Facebook turned into a billion-dollar empire that now proudly owns social media, messaging apps and other tech companies such as Instagram, Whatsapp( WOAH ok!), Oculus VR- a tech company that works on developing virtual reality software and hardware products, Bloomsbury AI to name a few.

Facebook became a medium to express yourself, your thoughts and your views through rants, selfies or videos. Even an introvert now had an outlet or a medium to be vocal and communicate with people. People talked about coming to find their childhood friend that they had lost touch with because they changed schools or moved countries/cities.

Honestly, Social Media came to life with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s produce for the world, connecting people and Businesses through clicks, scrolls, and Downloads! With the development in the websites features users by 2007 could post free classified Advertisements which is how it is managing to make profits- through the Advertising Revenue it is raking in and still being a free website for its users to date!

Facebook welcomes 2 billion monthly users, making it the perfect launchpad for young fresh and new businesses to reach the target audience they have in mind.

An Article by Ad Buy called Facebook “ A PR playground and an advertiser’s dream”

Be it a small business or one that has a stable name in the market if you have not managed to leave your footprint on social media you are IRRELEVANT regardless of you having a fully functioning website.

Having a Facebook page helps to legitimize your business in the customer’s eye” Claims Jake McKenzie a content manager for AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. I wouldn’t disagree! Putting a face to the business tells me that it does, in fact, exist and putting me at ease about the legitimacy of said business in question.

We all tend to check up businesses online, the first thing apart from your business’s website the Facebook account and other social media accounts pop up( if you have any). These accounts giving a user more insight than the taxing website.



  • Since I have already mentioned that on an average of 2 Billion people monthly invest their time surfing on Facebook. Regardless of who your target customer is they are spending an average of 41 minutes per day on the website/app scrolling around their feed.
  • Facebook Advertising increases brand awareness amongst your targetted audience and at the same time driving traffic to your website. Selling commodities such as clothing, makeup, accessories or even Softwares! Reaching more people and hence garnering more attention, 5/10 of these views will culminate into purchases. Your new buyer suggesting your brand to others and there the circle starts. This Works amazingly for new young businesses, so if you are a young business owner who is confused about how to increase your reach then you must make Facebook Advertising your friend.
  • It allows you to see how many people you have reached, how many clicked on your website link and in general how many clicks the advertisement has generated making it a very open and clear gimmick.
  • It is super cheap and affordable, not drilling a major hole in your pockets. You can spend somewhere up to $5 to reach about 1000 people. Definitely better than newspaper, radio or billboard ads don’t you think? They also claim for it to be a superfast medium to reach people and showing immediate results by driving instant traffic and conversions.

A common phenomenon that has been doing the rounds is called “Remarketing” where after visiting a website you immediately see their ads popping up on your feed. Advertising your business, making your existence more pronounced to the customer making them engage more in case they have not reached out to you or purchased something off your website.

BUT how do we create an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign?

“It is easier said than done”

Facebook may be the easiest method out there to reach a wider audience and garner just that right amount of attention to get your business going. If you don’t have a plan in mind Facebook Advertising may not work in your favor.

7 Tools that you help you Optimize your Facebook Ad Campaign! Let’s help you figure out ways to get the best out of your Facebook Ad campaign.

1. AdEspresso by Hootsuite

This particular software will have to be downloaded onto your computer. Click Here  to download.

  • Apart from Facebook it also supports Instagram and Google Ads campaign.
  • Creates all your Ad campaigns in one place easily.
  • AdEspresso’s rules engine examines all the ads in your campaign. Pausing the ones costing you the most while Redistributing the budget to the top performers.
  • Let’s you create your own set of Optimization Rules for the campaign based on any triggers of your choice, such as from the primary metrics CPA and CPM to more advanced configurations like conversions and ROI.
  • It helps you cut down the time on creating and managing the Custom Audience. With the Data sync tool that can automate this process, Simply choose from any of the 12 supported integrations and create the custom audience that gets stored inside the Asset Manager for repeated use.
  • Edits everything on your campaign, be it the spelling mistake. Your ad can be cloned, paused or deleted if the need arises, this can also be done in bulk. All you have to do is choose EDIT THIS AD or ALL ADS from the popup and AdEspresso takes care of the rest.

It is super simple and easy to use. Its visual analytics easy to understand. Has something called the AdEspresso Academy that helps you in understanding this software better.


  1. A rather new social media management software that allows you to schedule social media posts across a variety of popular Social Networks and not just Facebook.
  1. It has a clean, crisp and Minimalistic user interface making it rather easy to get a hang of and map your way around the software to get your work done.
  2. It’s main USP apart from its being easy to use would be its active development team.
  3. Comes equipped with a powerful post composer that lets you attach gif’s, links, photos, and videos.
  4. Offers you a free plan that gives unlimited access to schedule up to 10 posts per account stored.
  5. Access to post analytics so you get to know how many clicks and other interactions that may have happened on your social media accounts. This helps a business analyze what post is doing best and then map out the content accordingly.
  6. It also comes as a mobile phone app( both on android and iPhone ) apart from the search websites such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


Another simple and easy to use Social Media content and engagement management software.

  • Combines all your conversations in one place for all your social media profiles. Now reply to messages, review, assign or label them. The inbox will collect your organic or paid comments, mentions. Direct or private messages and reviews in the chronological order.
  • You can schedule posts, queue, categorize, delegate posts! If you aren’t aware, there are set times when your posts manage to reach the maximum audience and thus garnering more likes and increasing reach. For this, you get the option to SCHEDULE AGAIN and your post is set to go up at a specific time of your choice.
  • The software creates a report to help you understand what content works better for your Facebook Page. This information will ease your troubles and fix your content to catch your target Audience’s eye.
  • Gives you a hashtag report to determine which of your hashtags drove the most engagement.
  • You can also compare your content’s engagement with other facebook competitors.

Click Here  to download


This software is also available as an app on your mobile phones as more and more people are straying away from the usual desktops for running their businesses.

  • You stay connected to your business no matter where you are. Track your ad performances from your mobile phones!
  • You can easily edit your existing Ads if you goofed up in a hurry.
  • Edit and create advertisements, schedule them and then check on the budget allocated per Advertisement.
  • Receive the push notification message


This particular software comes with a multitude of tools. It not only serves your purpose of managing Facebook feed but also its automation needs.

  • It is the ultimate Multi-Channel lead generation platform. This multi-channel lead nurturing increases the conversion rates.
  • It automatically activates and automates new high-performing lead sources.
  • Validates, qualifies and optimizes lead generation campaigns.
  • It helps increase conversion rates. Reaches lead segments on Facebook and Google to increase your conversion rates. Tracks each lead end to end from click to purchase. It is one platform to track leads from ALL the sources.
  • Reduces the cost per lead by simply activating new and high performing channels.
  • It basically makes sense of all the leads generated so you don’t need to.

Click Here to download


When you think of scheduling content and advertising Hootsuite is the first name that comes to my mind! Yes, that is how famous and big it is. If you haven’t heard about it then read why you must get this software to make your Facebook advertisement campaigns smoother.

  • As few as 2 clicks are required to create your Facebook advertisement campaign.
  • Helps automatically boosting budget or starting a new campaign based on present performance triggers. This improves ad performance with automatic and daily recommendations.
  • The software/app instantly analyses/scans your facebook page along with the news feed to understand what could possibly be the best post to promote to your target audience.
  • Comes packed with advanced ad management features that allow you to spend less time on the ads and more on building your business successfully. This way you can have access to grow both organically and also through paid promotions.
  • Check up on your top-performing ads and measure the real impact they have by checking and analyzing the engagement scores and action metrics.
  • You can manage multiple projects, brands and even campaigns using HootSuite. If need be you can share the analytics reports with fellow teammates in Excel or customized PDFs.
  • Simple user-friendly interface so mapping your way around the app or the website should be smooth.


“Levels the playing field for ambitious brands and marketers by giving them sophisticated marketing technology, tools, and expertise usually reserved for the big guys” Claims the website!

  • They combine the business’s first-party data with their second and third-party data to give the business an unparalleled insight that eliminates the need for guesswork and easily identify and attract people who are most likely to be ardent followers of your brand.
  • The AI-driven marketing platform connects and coordinates the marketing efforts across ads, email, and even the online stores to support the entire customer journey. The unified growth marketing platform makes it easy to create a cross-channel experience that builds awareness, is engaging and also helping create loyal fans.
  • Smoothly Remarket your brand to the target audience.

Click here to download the software

Keep in mind that all of the services these platforms provide will be paid, a monthly charge to simplify your life and yet at the same time helping accelerate your business.

These were my 7 amazing tools that are sure to help your Facebook Ad Campaign!

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Bio: Pooja Shah is a Creative Writer and an SEO expert at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.