How to tag someone in YouTube

YouTube allows tagging or mentioning someone either in YouTube title or description.

Here is how to tag someone in YouTube.

  1. Open YouTube studio (on desktop) or YouTube app (on mobile) and start uploading new video.

In title you will see: "type @ to mention a channel".

In description: "type @ to mention a channel".

You need to tag a YouTube channel - however I am not sure if it is a channel username or channel name.

Here is how to tag someone in YouTube on mobile

  1. Upload a YouTube video via YouTube app - not a YouTube studio app.
  2. Put @ in either title or description and tag a channel.

Tag someone in title

Or/and tag someone in description

3. After channel is tagged it will have a grey background.

4. On the uploaded video, it will appear as a blue clickable link in title or description.

5. Upload video.

Note, on mobile, it is not possible to edit video later and tag someone - only in new uploaded videos.

Tag someone in YouTube on desktop

  1. Go to
  2. Upload a new video and add @ symbol either in title or description.
how to tag someone in YouTube
tag someone in YouTube

On desktop it is possible to tag someone in already uploaded videos.

That is basically it.