Social proof - why it's so important?

Social proof on your site is a secret ingredient, which can significantly boost conversion rate on your blog/site.

What is social proof?

Basically, it’s a reviews from users/companies/sites that your product is good. It’s one of the fastest ways for user to identify, that your blog is worth something.

Important to place social proof near your CTA button. Logic works like that: if these other guys recommend it, have tried it – it should be worth it, right?

I have collected most impressive social proof examples in this blog post.

Most common option, if you run a blog, would be “As featured in other publications”. E.g. Forbes, Techcrunch, Yahoo Finance… The more serious publisher – the better. It brings your blog a massive credibility – if these huge site, mentioned your blog, it should be worth checking out or getting on newsletter, right?

Here is how it looks like on

Social proof Create and Go blog

Similar social proof – as seen in – on Backlinko

social proof backlinko

As you have noticed, it’s better, when social proof is above the fold. So, user can instantly see all publications where blogger was mentioned without additional scrolling.

Another type is user reviews, testimonial or quote. Usually bloggers use it as an additional type of proof. Brian Dean from Backlinko puts it below “As seen in” social proof.

social proof backlinko

In this case, some other well-known marketers recommend Brian’s site – Neil Patel and John Jantsch. These are well-known figures in the marketing world, so people who visit a website will immediately be impressed and assured, that it’s a good source.

For companies, unlike for blogs, most common option would be to put a star review from some popular review site. For example, in B2B space it can be Capterra, G2Crowd in B2C world – Trustpilot, or any other site, which matters for your audience.

For example, – b2b company card solution – uses social proof from Trustpilot.

Also, companies put logos of their customers. With something like: “trusted by our customers”. And it is also above the fold. social proof

If you are a personal blogger, you can also create a review page on Trustpilot and ask some of your readers to submit a frank review. Hint: to get more reviews you should offer an incentive.

If your blog functions as some sort of company (e.g. agency or online store) – you can add customers logos on your site as well (of course, you need to ask a permission to put a customers logo first).

In my experience, social proof significantly boosts conversion rates.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity.