SheerSEO Overview

There are plenty of well-known SEO tools (Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz…), but every time there is some new, unknown tool.

Maybe it can become big one day, so let’s take a look!

You can signup to for free – either for one or multiple domains.

While signing up, you need to enter your domain. After that, SheerSEO will analyze ranking keywords on your website, based on which you can create your first report.


Here is where I’m redirected after creating an account.

SheerSEO dashboard

And here is your starting dashboard.

Basically, I’m impressed with the features offered. It’s a new tool, but there is an ambition of full-stack SEO suite.

Here are all the features you can see on the left dashboard:

  • Rankings
  • Competitors
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Optimization Targets
  • Site Backlinks
  • Backlinks Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Social
  • On-Page SEO
  • Indexed Pages
  • Backlink Checker
  • Directory Submission
  • Paid Blog Posts
  • Blog Reviews
  • Reports


In my subjective experience, I usually focus on three-five main areas in SEO, which worked on my previous projects.

  1. Technical setup
  2. Keyword research
  3. Content (including on-page SEO)
  4. Link building
  5. Analytics (rank tracking, monitoring)

So, let’s dive in, how SheerSEO can help with each of these areas.

1. Technical SEO audit with SheerSEO

Every SEO campaign should start with a technical audit, so you understand, what you are standing on.

Here is how SEO Audit dashboard looks like in SheerSEO.

SheerSEO audit

You can see a number of crawled pages, main issues (critical, warning, notice, valid), health progress of your site, https codes audit.

You can also schedule future crawls and see stats for specific months.

2. Keyword research with SheerSEO

Just enter keywords in Keyword Explorer tab.

You will see a standard list of keyword suggestions with Volume, CPC, Competition Index (for paid) and Keyword difficulty (for organic results).

I also really like the Keyword Competitor research tab.

You need to enter competitor’s domain and it will show keywords, which are ranking for them. In my experience, you should start your keyword research exactly from competitors audit, especially if your domain is not “strong” enough yet.

FYI: SheerSEO can automatically identify your competitors in Organic Research tab.

I would also really recommend Keyword Gap feature. Just enter your competitors and find out what are the gaps between yours and competitors keywords.

3. Content

Content is the king of SEO.

SheerSEO offers great tools to take care of no-page optimization.

Go to On-Page SEO tab.

You can analyze keyword density (single, double, triple).

keyword density

Also, perform Content Benchmarking – it can be used to improve content of a webpage, compared to leading results in Google search.

In Page Optimization section analyze on-page issues for a specific page, such as: Accessible to search engines, Keyword present in page title, Sufficient content, Description meta tag exists, Keyword in H1 tag, Keyword density and many others.

4. Backlinks

Using Site Backlinks tab, you can check referring domains to your site.

  • Active links
  • Lost links
  • Competitor links

With Competitor links you can check backlinks to competing sites – you can get a lot of link building ideas from them.

“The Backlinks Explorer allows you to check the backlinks for a few URLs each month, regardless if they are in your domain or not”.

SheerSEO backlinks

5. Analytics

For Analytics you can use Organic Research tab.

You can see # of ranked keywords, estimated organic traffic, total CPC traffic value, rank distribution and your competition. It is a great overview of SEO work results.

Another cool tab is Optimization targets – here you can see optimization suggestions for specific keywords.

“It tracks both on page SEO and off page SEO aspects of the keyword you’re trying to rank, and shows the progress in those aspects of SEO, and the resulting rank. Tracking is done weekly.”

In Indexed pages, you can see number of indexed pages for your domain.


Awesome part is – all of the above I performed for free!

If you want more results, you can upgrade.

There multiple plans. For a single domain:

  • Free
  • Lite – $7
  • Standard – $10
  • Advanced – $15
  • Professional thin – $25
  • Professional – $40

SheerSEO pricing

There are also separate Agency, Rank Tracking, API plans. Read more on a Pricing page.

To sum it up

Overall, SheerSEO is a great and affordable, full-stack SEO tool.

You can cover all areas, from technical audits, to keyword and competitor research, to backlinks overview, to analytics and rank tracking and so on.

So, definitely give it a try! Contact SheerSEO here.