How to set up automated emails in SendFox?

How to set up automated email outreach in SendFox. Email outreach is super important for blogging and SEO.


SendFox is a relatively new email tool from Noah Kagan.

You can use it for free or upgrade for $49 and then $10 monthly payments (if more than 5000 contacts).

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1. Create an empty list

Create a list for your campaign but don’t add anything yet.

2. Create Automation

  • Upload 1-3 emails.
  • Select From email address.
  • Select trigger – after users joined a specific list (the one you just created)
  • Set delays after trigger – by default it is 24 hours delay. Set 0 hours to have no delay.

3. Verify domain

In Settings add the domain from which you want to send email. Verify it.

4. Track links

Use a service like to track links and clicks for specific campaigns.

5. Send a test email

Check if everything works right.

6. Add emails

Add emails to the list.

Use SendFox format Email, First Name, Last Name – to get the personalization right.

7. Track you campaign

You can see % of opens and clicks, create new lists from these contacts and trigger another automation flows for them.