Top SEO Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe!

Top SEO Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe!

Youtube is one of the best sources to learn something. It features countless video tutorials about almost everything – from beads to C++.

Let’s have a look at top Youtube channels, which will help you to learn SEO.


Neil Patel Youtube Channel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is well known for his blog, but recently he started a Youtube channel and already gained nearly 300K subscribers.

It features great videos about link building, content marketing, on-page SEO, keyword research and also all things marketing.


Brian Dean SEO Youtube Channel

Brian Dean

Brian, the founder of Backlinko, also posts high-quality SEO related videos on his Youtube channel.

Subscribe to his channel for advanced SEO techniques, link building tips, google ranking tips and so on.

He gathered almost 200K subs.


Moz SEO Youtube Channel

Moz is one of the biggest SEO blogs, it also features big SEO community and link explorer tool.

Also, they have cool Youtube channel, with a lot of content marketing, link building, SEO, digital marketing tips.

Most popular videos are “Whiteboard Fridays” – short, but in-detail whiteboard explanations of some SEO concept.


Ahrefs SEO Youtube Channel


Ahrefs has significantly stepped up their Youtube game recently (with over 40K subs)!

If you don’t know, Ahrefs – is one of my favorite SEO tools – a.k.a. “Excel for SEO”.

But, they also have a great blog and now a Youtube channel. You can find big SEO tutorials, SEO tips and tricks, SEO for beginners, keyword research and link building tips and so on.


Google Webmasters SEO Youtube Channel

Google Webmasters

An official channel from Google, so you should definitely subscribe. Great channel to find out official Google response to some pressing SEO questions or issues.

There are also many videos from John Mueller – webmaster trends analyst at Google.

Also, there are recordings of Google Webmaster hours and Hangouts, where everyone can ask some questions to Google staff.


Semrush SEO Youtube Channel


Here you can find video resources for all things Semrush – tutorials, webinars, pro SEO & digital marketing tips.


Chase Reiner Youtube Channel

Chase Reiner SEO

Chase hosts SEO live streams on Youtube – with answers to common questions.

Also, he has great tutorials about popular SEO tools – Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, WordPress.


Income School Youtube Channel

Income School

Great channel, if you want to learn how to make passive income online. Of course, SEO can be a big part of this strategy.

This channel can teach you how to choose your niche, wordpress tips and tricks, passive income strategies, SEO nad much more.


Ruan Marinho Youtube Channel

Ruan Marinho

Ruan creates amazing content about SEO, digital marketing and passive income.


Darrel Wilson Youtube Channel

Darrel Wilson

Great channel to learn WordPress, SEO, Wocommerce, Frontend, WordPress plugins and so on.


Other smaller SEO Youtube channels you can check out.

Eric Enge

Dan Petrovic

Distilled YouTube Channel

Seer Interactive YouTube Channel