8 SEO Startups Which Are Changing the Industry

Here is a list of most well-known and most promising SEO related startups.

This list includes both old and really new companies.

Majority of successful SEO startup will be SaaS software type businesses, which focus on most important aspects of SEO, such as keyword research, content optimization, site audit, backlinks overview, on-page SEO, technical SEO, Analytics, rank tracking and so on.

Some tools combine everything (Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs), others – just dive really deep into one aspect – e.g. keyword research (Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest).


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for any business who is trying to attract more customers.  However, those businesses that are new in the SEO game, may feel like they are fighting a losing battle because they simply do not have the money to compete with the businesses who have been around for a while. So, take a look at these SEO software companies, which surely might help.


  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is a reasonably priced SEO tool that will allow people to track their organic keywords, find their competitor’s keywords, and do PPC and backlink analysis.  This tool will even perform SEO site audits, which new SEO startups drastically need.  This is an excellent option for those who are not sure where to go with SEO, because it takes all the guesswork out of it.


  1. SEMrush


SEMrush is more expensive than Serpstat, but it is worth every single penny and then some.  This tool focuses on both SEO and PPC, and it especially helps those who are in a more competitive niche.  SEMrush can assist with keyword research, competitor keyword research, backlink and PPC analysis, and it will even find new keyword opportunities that a person may otherwise miss.  This SEO tool can also perform site audits, so that SEO errors are fixed, and track a person’s ranking in SERPs for their top keywords.


  1. Moz

Moz was co-founded by Rand Fishkin. He explained a lot of details of the Moz journey in his recent book “Lost and Founder”. Specifically, he mentions how Hubspot wanted to acquire Moz back in 2011 for an estimated 25 million USD, but he refused the offer (and later regretted it).

These days, Moz is one of the most well-known SEO companies, with over 60 million yearly revenue.

Moz is one of the most popular SEO tools available, because it alerts a person if there is any fluctuation with keyword rankings.

Moz will also alert a person if their website has SEO errors and will help fix them automatically. This SEO tool also comes with a chrome extension, MozBar, and people can use that to check out the competition’s domain authority, backlink profile, and page authority.


  1. KWFinder


Long tail keywords are just as important as single keywords and KWFinder can help a person find the ones that they can rank best for.  This tool will share an abundance of information on keywords, including the current Google search results and what domains are using those keywords.  The best part about this tool is that it will allow a person to target their keyword search results by city, state, or country.


  1. Keyword Tool


This SEO tool utilizes Google autocomplete data to find long tail keywords that will rank higher in search engines.  All a person needs to do is type in a word and Keyword Tool will automatically come up with keyword suggestions.  This tool also has a feature that will allow a person to find the best long tail keywords for Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and more.


  1. SpyFu


SpyFu will give everyone a chance to find out what is working for their competitors, so that they can utilize keywords that will outrank them.  All a person needs to do is type a domain name and they will be able to see all the keywords that it is ranking for.  The ads that the competitor buys on Google and how the competitors compare in the marketplace will also be shown.  A person can also search via keyword to see which domains are ranking with it and how their rankings have changed over time.  This is an excellent option for those who are just starting out, as well as those who have been doing this for a while, as it will make it super easy to stay ahead of the game.


  1. Siteimprove


This cloud-based software will allow anyone to overcome the challenges that face them in the world of SEO.  Siteimprove can help a person improve the quality of their content, improve their accessibility compliance, work on driving more search engine traffic to their site, measure data performance and ROI, and continuously meet data privacy requirements.  That is a lot for one piece of software, which means that everyone is getting the biggest bang for their buck with this option.


  1. SE Ranking


This all-inclusive SEO software has all the SEO tools that a person will need to successfully rank their business on Google.  SEO startups, and even professionals, can benefit with keyword position tracking, keyword research, website audits, keyword suggestions, professional reports, backlink monitors, and even competitor analysis.  The interface of this software is easy for anyone to use, which means that beginners will not be ready to give up before they have even gotten started.


These eight SEO tools and software are perfect for SEO startups, because they are easy to use and provide a wealth of information.  There are not too many free options available, but since a person gets what they pay for, that is to be expected.  A couple of these are more expensive than all the rest, but with the amount of information that they provide, they are worth the money if a SEO startup can afford it.