Top SEO podcasts in 2019

Top SEO podcasts in 2019

Here a list of handy SEO podcasts, which will help you to learn SEO on the go.

1. Search Engine Nerds (by Search Engine Journal)

search engine nerds podcast

Host(s): Brent Csutoras and Loren Baker

Website: Search Engine Nerds

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

A bi-weekly show, put out by Search Engine Journal, which focuses on many aspects of Online Marketing, but specifically SEO. Mainly, podcast is based around interviewing some “Search Engine Nerd” about latest SEO trends.

Topics of some latest podcasts – Enterprise SEO with Eli Schwartz or “International SEO with Aleyda Solis”.


2. Authority hacker podcast

Authority hacker podcast

Host(s): Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Website: Authority Hacker

Listen on SoundcloudiTunes, and Stitcher.

With Authority Hacker podcast you can listen to all about online marketing, content marketing, SEO, WordPress & site building in a chilled, relaxed atmosphere.

Gael and Mark call their podcast “The Most Practical IM Podcast on iTunes”, so you better start listening and learn those SEO practicalities 🙂


3. MozPod

MozPod podcast

Host(s): Brian Childs

Website: MozPod

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

Moz – is one of the most authoritative SEO resources out there, so you better check out their podcast as well 🙂

This a great SEO podcast, which focuses on a lot of technical stuff, what I like.

Topics range from Voice Search, Content Marketing, Tech SEO, on-page SEO, SERP analysis and so on.

4. eWeb Results Podcast

eweb results podcast

Host(s): Chris Burres and Matt Bertram

Website: SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Listen on iTunesSoundcloud, and Podomatic.

This SEO podcast is airing since 2009. It has collected a nice audience and receives more than 9000 weekly downloads.

5. The Recipe for SEO Success Podcast

The recipe for SEO podcast

Host(s): Kate Toon

Website: The Recipe for SEO Success

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

The Recipe for SEO podcast was started by Kate Toon to support her SEO courses. It goes out 2-3 times per month and features great tips about how to succeed in SEO. The Recipe for SEO podcast tries to break down SEO in an easy way, so everyone (not only technical folks) can understand it.

6. SEO 101 Podcast

SEO 101 podcast

Host(s): Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

Website: SEO 101

Listen on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher, and iHeartRadio.

Ross Dunn and John Carcutt have been in SEO for 20 years, so they for sure have some knowledge to share.

Some of the previous guests on the podcast included John Mueller (Google employee responsible for a lot of SEO related stuff), Richard Zwicky, Jennifer Laycock, and many other SEO stars.

There are already more than 600 episodes of SEO 101 podcast, so tune in ASAP!
Listen to “Ep 344: Google: Google Shaming, Smart Displays, and a Mueller File Bonanza” on Spreaker.

7. SEO Bits Podcast

SEO bits podcast

Host: Rebecca Gill

Website: SEOBits

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

This is quite a new podcast, which currently contains 33 episodes.

In most episodes Rebecca breaks down important SEO topics, such as e.g. Structured data, Video SEO, Site Performance and SEO, Local search, link building, etc.


8. Marketing Speak

Marketing Speak podcast

Host(s): Stephan Spencer

Website: Marketing Speak

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

Stephen Spencer is a well-known internet marketing influencer.

His podcast is easy to listen, there are many great guests from different Marketing areas (which can offer gifts and discounts) and also it is interactive – your questions can be answered in the podcast.

9. Experts on the Wire

Host(s): Dan Shure

Website: Experts On The Wire.

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

Great podcast, started by Dan Shure in 2016, which currently has 102+ episodes.

Dan always interacts with podcast fans on twitter and “Expert on the Wire” often features exclusive guests, such as Jackie Chu – Uber SEO Lead.

10. Technical SEO podcast

Technical SEO podcast

Host(s): Dan Taylor and Adam Gent

Website: TechSEOPodcast

Listen: TechSEOPodcast

This podcast started less than a year ago (February 2018) and right now has only 5 episodes.

In their podcast, Adam and Gent explain many technical SEO tips in simple terms.

Some of their guest from Season One: Russ Jones (Moz), Kevin Indig (Atlassian), Jon Myers (DeepCrawl), Barry Adams (Polemic Digital).

S1E1, The State of Link Building, Russ Jones


Here are most popular SEO podcasts according to Ahrefs.

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