Top 10 SEO Mistakes I Wish I Could Avoid

Top 10 SEO Mistakes I Wish I Could Avoid

Here is a list of some SEO mistakes I wish I had known before.

Majority of them are based on my own experience – and could have saved me plenty of time.

1. Duplicate content

Number one mistake is stealing content. Not only it can get you into copyright issues, but also duplicate articles will NEVER rank in Google.

Let me try to explain how Google sees duplicate content.

Whenever someone publishes first, original article on Google and it is indexed, the search engine “remembers” that blog. So, if you just copy paste that text entirely – for Google you are not an original source – therefore you shouldn’t be displayed.

What works?

In my experience, you should try to stick to original content, but good paraphrasing is also ok – Google understands, that you can’t always know everything.

Learning: I tried to create a site with completely duplicate content – for a SEO experiment. What happened? The site wasn’t penalized, but duplicate content pages were not visible in Google Search.

TIP: in my experience, even a slightly paraphrased copy still works and is indexed by Google.

2. Using ONLY cheap content

There are plenty of services where you can buy 500-600 words articles for $5.

I tried that as well – you can use that type of content for testing, etc, but it won’t rank well in Google.

One of my early mistakes was this thought:

“Hey, there are plenty of Fiverr gigs, where you can buy content for $5 – let’s just buy tons of content – and I will get million visitors in a few months”.

Well, with very cheap and low-quality content you can rank, but only if you have super great domain authority or found an amazing keyword.

In most cases, low-quality content will rank between 5th-10th pages in Google and if you don’t edit it – pages will slowly disappear from Google.

There are many news sites that copy the content and even the titles of many article and posts, but all of those sites are now being penalized by Google and they are not being allowed to rank up on the search results. Make sure that none of the content you create for your site is plagiarized. The damage would be terrible for your SEO efforts.

Using incorrect keywords

This is a very common problem that is made by many business ventures. They think that their ideal words are going to be anything that seems logical to them based on their niche, but this is going to be an inaccurate decision more often than not. Make sure that you use a reliable keyword tool that is going to show you exactly what searches are being made in your niche. This is something that is in constant change, so it’s important to evolve as required.

Overuse of keywords

Having the correct set of keywords for your marketing campaign is very important, but knowing how much to use those keywords in your website content is also going to be very important. Your blogs should contain a number of keywords that feels natural and it shouldn’t stuff them without purpose. This is going to make search engines categorize your content as spam and that will hurt your SEO instead of helping. Make sure that your content is not spammed with keywords. An average blog post at around 500 words should contain the targeted keywords no more than 3 times.


Forgetting to create title tags and Meta descriptions

The use of title tags and Meta descriptions is going to be essential for optimal results with your content. Always make sure that every piece of content that is released contains an optimized Meta description and corresponding title tags. Failing to do this will limit your chances of ranking up online.

Lack of responsive features

One of the biggest problems a business can have in modern times is the lack of responsive features. A website with a responsive design is going to allow you to reach a larger market. Keep in mind that there are many areas that have a larger percentage of mobile users browsing the internet and your site won’t be ranked on their mobile search results if it has no responsive features.

Not looking into analytics

There is no way to be efficient with SEO if you can’t monitor the results you are getting from your current efforts. You need to be able to check the traffic you are getting. Look into bounce rates and find out which pages of your website or which blogs they are checking out. This is an essential part of the process of achieving SEO results that will help you increase conversions.

There is no question that SEO has become one of the most important aspects for any business venture. The world is extremely competitive and digital marketing is a battlefield. This means that only the very best will survive and get noticed online. Today, we are going to be talking about the top SEO mistakes that are commonly made by business owners to help you avoid them.

Here is my Video-overview, what main SEO mistakes you can do in 2019.


Summing it up

SEO is an extremely important part of any marketing strategy in modern times, this is the reason why it’s so important that you learn how to make the most out of those efforts. Avoiding the mistakes we mentioned earlier is going to be extremely helpful. You will save time and money by making sure none things run smoothly with your SEO efforts.

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