Top SEO Events and Conferences in 2019

Top SEO Events and Conferences in 2019

The digital world is constantly evolving. For this reason that digital marketers and SEOs should move along with the changes, otherwise they will be left behind.

Therefore, you need to constantly network with other SEOs and digital marketing professionals to grow your professional level. And also have a strong willingness and pay close attention to everything and all the changes you need to learn about the digital marketing world.

It is for this reason that we have prepared a list of the top SEO events and conferences happening in 2019 and even beyond. Keep reading to discover the top SEO events and conferences 2019.

  1. Digital Summit Series

Are you ready to take your marketing and SEO abilities to the next level, this is the best SEO conference series for you. This conference is a must attend, and the events happen throughout the year in various locations.

It is actually a series of events which means that by attending them you will learn all the relevant changes that have happened in the SEO or the digital marketing industry as a whole.

No matter where you live in the U.S. you will be able to get access to one of the events that’s near you since they happen in various locations.

The best thing is that you will have the opportunity to get advice from leading brands like Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Disney who often attend these conferences. If you are looking to get started in the digital marketing industry, then this is the best SEO event and conference to attend in 2019.

  1. Digimarcon

For you to succeed in the digital marketing industry, you need to stay equipped with all the recent information about important changes that have happened in the industry.

Digimarcon is a must-attend conference series for those who are looking forward to greater success in the digital marketing world.

This year, they will cover various topics including lead generation, targeting and optimization and customer engagement. The conferences happen in various locations so you might have access to one that’s near you.

Digimarcon can be termed as the biggest SEO events and conference series in the world because it is actually a collection of 20 digital marketing and SEO conferences. In this year’s conference series you will have the opportunity to listen to great speakers like Michael Brenner from Marketing Insider Group, Minnie Ang from HubSpot and Loni Stark from Adobe.

  1. Confluence Conference

The Confluence Conference is the perfect SEO event and conference for those who are dedicated to discovering everything there is to know about the current state of the digital marketing field and SEO.

The conferences are always graced by top leaders in the industry, influencers and trendsetters. There have been great speakers before like Dana Ditomaso, Mike King and Ian Lurie. The event will happen in September in Oklahoma City, Ok. Prices range from $175 to $250.

  1. Inbound

Are you a HubSpot user? Whether you are or not, this is a great conference to attend. In fact, perfect for those who want to learn everything about inbound marketing and SEO.

The event has always been graced by keynote speakers like Michelle Obama, Seth Godin, Martha Stewart and John Cena.

This year, they will feature speakers like Scott Harrison, Deepak Chopra and Shonda Rhimes. The prices are good and range from $499 to $1,999. The conference will take place in Boston, MA from 3rd to 6th September.

  1. BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO is an incredible SEO conference that happens twice every year. The prices to attend the event often zero.

But those who want to have a reserved place for themselves and even be selected as one of those to help decide topics for the event can purchase a friend ticket that goes for about £600.

The event also gives you the option to purchase Training tickets which come with different perks like access to individualized training sessions a day before the commencement of the conference.

This SEO conference is often graced by top experts in the SEO and digital marketing field. This year the event will take place in Brighton, England from 11th to 12TH April.

  1. State of Search

Regardless of where you work as an SEO specialist, this conference will provide you with incredible actionable tips that will help boost your website traffic.

This year’s event will be held at a great place known as the Gilley’s. Gilley’s is a historic honkytonk and event space that was established in 1971.

The place is filled with historic items that can only be found in Dallas, Texas. The prices for this year’s event range from $600 to $700 and the actual event will take place in October.

  1. SearchLove

Staying equipped with the latest trends in SEO and digital marketing is a must for massive success in this digital world.

This conference offers you an incredible opportunity to discover and learn what net tactics are trending and which ones have been out of date. SearchLove Conference has been organized by an online marketing agency known as Distilled and this year’s event, attendees will learn the methods for getting results from their optimization efforts. Industry leaders have always attended the past events including Adria Saracino, Rand Fishkin and Will Critchlow. The prices range from £779 to £1,079 and the conference will take place in London, UK from 14th to 15th October.

  1. PubCon

PubCon was founded in 2000 by Brett Tabke and is the longest running SEO industry conference in digital history. It is a super-seized conference often attended by excellent speakers.

These conferences always include educational sessions, incredible keynotes and both official and non-official networking events and opportunities. This year’s featured talks will be offered by marketing experts like Joe Pulizzi, Eric Enge and Purna Virji.

The main topics of discussion in 2019 conference will include SEO, marketing, link building and in-house optimization. The prices range from $449 to $5,999 and will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 7th to 10th October.

  1. SMX Marketing Expo

SMX Marketing Expo (SMX) conference series is organized by Third Door Media, a publisher of Search Engine Land. The conference was founded in 2007 and has become one of the world’s largest set of SEO conferences, expos and workshops.

The conference mainly focuses on helping you improve your search marketing skills. This year’s topics include SEO, mobile, technical SEO and link building.

Notable speakers who will attend the conference include Aleyda Solis, Arsen Rabinovic, Fili Wiese and many others. The event will take place in London from 21st to 22nd May.

  1. Search Marketing Summit

Search Marketing Summit was founded in 2006, and this makes it the longest-running and largest search marketing conference in Australia.

The conference serves search marketing practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. The Summit also gives you the opportunity for two pre and post-conference advanced SEO and PPC workshops.

A notable speaker who will be in this year’s conference is Mike Grehan, and of course, there will be many other excellent speakers. This year’s topics are SEO, social, analytics, local, content and link building. The conference will be held in Sydney, Australia and will run from 7th through 10th May.

  1. Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Chiang Mai SEO Conference is hosted by Diggity Marketing and actually sells out every year. It is now entering its third year and prides itself with expert speakers from around the world.

It is always advisable to buy sign up early for the conference and have the opportunity to get discounts on accommodations at the Chiang Mai hotel where the conference is usually held.

Past notable speakers of the conference include Ryan Stewart, Craig Campbell, Matt Diggity, Dino Gomez, Tim Soulo and Daryl Rosser. The topics of discussion include SEO, SEM technical SEO and backlinking. Prices range from $297 to $997 and the event will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November.

  1. UnGagged

UnGagged SEO conference is perfect for everyone in internet marketing no matter the level you are in the field. UnGagged offers two events throughout the year.

The upcoming event will happen in Las Vegas whereby the topics to be covered include SEO, technical SEO, influencer marketing and CRO. The conference will run for three days with an additional day whereby attendees will have a masterclass done by SEO experts like Greg Gifford and Barry Adams.

The ticket cost covers access to the conference itself, networking events, catered meals and Wi-Fi. The prices for tickets range from $745 to $1,595. The conference will happen from 1st to 3rd April.



You have just discovered the top SEO events and conferences in 2019. These events will greatly impact your SEO and digital marketing skills. It is important to plan ahead because many of these events sell out quickly. Purchase your tickets as early as possible to claim your spot.