10 SEO Courses to Get You Started

If you have a website, blog, or any other online property to attract people to your business – you will need SEO. The reason for this is that the further up in the search rankings a person is, the more people that will see whatever it is that they want to share or sell.

SEO is quite tricky to master, and it is continuously changing, which means that everyone needs to be at the top of their game if they want to see results.

Thankfully, there are numerous SEO courses, and most of them are online.

Of course, you can learn some basic aspects of SEO for free – just by reading numerous blog posts (e.g. like this one, he-he). But, this might lead to more sporadic approach, where you don’t have a learning structure and might get lost in the material.

Therefore, if you are serious about SEO (well, you definitely should be in 2019) – then I would really recommend spending some time and money on diving a bit deeper in the world of SEO.

Here is a nice selection of SEO courses.

  1. Serpstat Academy

Serpstat Academy will allow a person to learn at their own pace, while also allowing them to work on their own project as they are learning throughout the course.  That means that people can put their newfound knowledge to work right away instead of burying it in the background until the course is over with.  This SEO online course covers everything from keywords research, search analytics, competitor analysis, and much more.


  1. Wordstream’s SEO Basics


Those who are just starting out in the online world may benefit from the mini SEO online course that Wordstream has available.  This course covers basic SEO information as it relates to reporting, analytics, goals, content, linking, and even design.  This is a great resource that many people will find useful when they are learning the lingo for SEO.


  1. Coursera SEO Courses


Coursera offers many different courses, and many people love them, because they can start as beginners and continue to learn even when they are in the advance stages of a subject.  The knowledge that is available on Coursera is amazing and those who want to seriously tackle SEO need to begin these SEO online courses immediately.


  1. Hubspot Academy


SEO and content marketing play off each other, which is why a person needs both to be successful.  While Hubspot Academy does not specifically offer courses only on SEO, a person can learn a wealth of information when they take courses on content marketing.  There are plenty of video tutorials for people to watch and everyone who takes any of the courses will be able to access numerous other resources, templates, and guides.


  1. Moz’s SEO Training Course


Moz’s SEO training course will teach a person the basics when it comes to SEO and those who enroll in the course will find that they have three and a half hours of videos that they can watch.  Those videos will teach everyone the basics and those who take the course will have lifetime access to them, so they can return to watch them again and again.


  1. SEO 2019


SEO 2019 offers a comprehensive online course for complete SEO training, as well as SEO for WordPress websites.  During this course, students will learn how technical SEO can help them rank as number one on Google, while also learning more about backlinks, pagespeed, UX SEO, keyword research, and more.


  1. SEMrush Academy


This academy has everything that a person needs to turn pro in the SEO field in a short amount of time.  There are SEO fundamentals courses, as well as technical SEO courses, so a person will get a well-rounded view of everything SEO.  There is even a SEMrush toolkit that students can use, and it offers fantastic benefits.  The best part about SEMrush Academy is that they update their courses as new features and new SEO information becomes available.


  1. Udemy


Udemy also offers a complete SEO training, as well as a course on SEO for WordPress websites.  They have courses that focus on forty different SEO factors with thirteen of them focusing on the technical aspect of ranking number one on Google.  These courses are not for beginners, but they will be helpful to those who know the basics when it comes to SEO.  Students who enroll with Udemy will find that they can read twenty-one different articles, watch nine and a half hours of video, work on assignments to learn what they are learning, and all that comes with lifetime access.


Those who are serious about growing their business or following needs to invest the time to learn SEO or they will never reach their goals.  These eight SEO online courses will give everyone the tools that they need to learn SEO and implement it on their websites and within their content.  Once a person does that, they will start to see the results of all their hard work and finally see why SEO is so important in the online world.