SEO Content - Ultimate guide

Importance of sales driven content

Sales driven content is one of the most important parts of your SEO efforts.

Based on my experience, really great content will be able to rank in Google even without backlinks, on-page SEO and some other technical factors.

If you webpage has shittiest design, bad mobile experience, tons of mistakes in Search Console, no backlinks, not optimized for any keywords, BUT content is great, Google WILL RANK IT.

Because, this is what matters for Google algorithm – for readers to enjoy some cool information. I experienced many times, that unique, engaging content finds its way to the top of the Google just by itself – with no additional efforts at all.

After you have a great content – you want to get more leads from it. Here comes the problem. In reality, it’s really hard.

As Neil Patel mentions in his blog, out from ~1 million monthly visitors, there can be only 40-60 MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). So, you need lots of traffic, right?

Not really…

It depends on your content. See, a log of bloggers do this one mistake. They just create articles to bring more traffic. It works on some stages of your projects.

Let’s imagine you are selling construction project management software. You ideal persona is a construction project manager with digital skills, who finds your product via search or ads.

You can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog by creating blogs like Top construction games, Best construction clothing brands, Top construction companies, etc But, will people convert from these pages? NO.

There are always should be a balance between quantity and quality of traffic. You can see numbers going up and up in analytics, but your sales not increasing.

From my experience, you don’t need to have tons of articles and traffic – sometimes just 3000-5000 highly qualified sessions could be enough.

But, you need to create sales-driven content. The difference between top of the funnel content and sales-driven posts, is that in first case people just read and leave and in second case – they are at least interested in your product or they convert.

Going back to an example, it’s very hard to imagine that person reading an article about top construction games will signup for a construction software. But, if you write a detailed post about ROI by using construction software in house-building – then there is much more possibility to convert users.

Of course, top-of-the-funnel content is really important as well and can open doors for many customers you didn’t even expect can convert.