Amazing SEO blogs you SHOULD follow in 2019

Amazing SEO blogs you SHOULD follow in 2019

Here are some awesome SEO blogs and websites you SHOULD bookmark, if you want to know more about SEO.


1. Backlinko

One of my favorite SEO blogs out there.

It features super high quality, long-form content, with in-depth analysis of practically every SEO aspect.

Brian Dean, founder and single author of the blog, notes that “Google prefers quality over quantity” and his blog is a clear proof of that.

Whenever there is some major SEO trend or opportunity – you will know it from Backlinko and maybe even learn new SEO technique.

Bottom line: Backlinko – a must follow SEO blog.


2. Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is one of the most well-known SEO hackers – his blog is a pure treasure for SEO diggers 🙂




Detailed, founded by Glen Allsopp, is a great advanced SEO blog.

New posts appear quite rarely, but every new blog from Glen makes rounds among SEO experts.

He either reveals some deep Google secrets, which are blocked days after his blog post is live or advanced link building techniques or super advanced keyword research techniques.



Moz – one of the oldest and most authoritative SEO blogs. It is a gold standard for SEO solutions and how to articles.

I also really like Whiteboard Friday section by Moz founder – Rand Fishkin.


5. Search Engine Land

Great SEO-related publisher, with latest news and trends about SEO, online marketing, etc.

It features well-known guest authors, such as e.g. Barry Schwartz.


6. Yoast Blog

Yoast – most used free WordPress SEO plugin.

But, apart from that Yoast features great SEO blog, with a lot of advice, related especially to WordPress SEO.

If you run your website on WordPress and care about SEO – Yoast blog a must read.


7. Ahrefs blog

Ahrefs – top backlink checker tool on the internet. Recently, it also expanded a lot and now it is like an Excel for SEO.

In addition to that, they also feature extremely good SEO blog, with a lot of focus on backlinks, domain authority, link building, etc – which are one of the most important ranking factors in Google.


8. Buffer blog

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool – one of my favorites.

But, also Buffer has an amazing Social media and online marketing blog with lots of long form, high-quality content.

Relatively small marketing team at Buffer managed to increase their organic traffic to at least 1,5 million visits per month! So, you better subscribe to their blog 😊


9. Semrush blog

Semrush – another great SEO audit tool with super good SEO blog. The Semrush blog is on the cutting edge of the latest SEO trends, from app development to voice search, from influencer marketing to AI.


10. Google Webmaster Central Blog

While all mentioned blogs are really good and high quality, they are still subjective.

If you want some insight from the original source – a.k.a Google – go to Google Webmaster Blog. I also really recommend subscribing for the newsletter.

With help of official Google blog, you can save yourself from unreliable SEO information.


Hubspot blog

11. Hubspot Blog

Hubspot – a great CRM, also has one of the best blogs with a focus on content marketing, inbound and SEO.

They also offer a lot of free downloadables and SEO ebooks.


Fat Stacks blog


Fat Stacks blog – is a great insight into how to generate online income via different niche sites, especially if you are into Mediawine and similar ads agencies.


Buzzsumo blog

13. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo blog will teach you how to go viral.

Buzzsumo is a tool, where you can analyze content, based on popularity in social media – how many shares in Facebook, Pinterest, etc – therefore you can find new topic ideas and opportunities, which will be based on data.

Buzzsumo blog features articles like: “Guide to Facebook engagement”, “Best B2B Content – Analysis from 50000 articles”, “20 examples of truly engaging, interactive content”, etc.

If you want to be advanced in content marketing – subscribe to Buzzsumo blog!


14. ContentKing Academy

Nice place to quickly learn SEO fundamentals, e-commerce SEO, structured data, mobile SEO, etc.


Gotch SEO

15. GotchSEO blog

Actionable SEO strategies, no fluff, which can actually improve your traffic.

Nathan Gotch founded Gotch SEO back in 2013 within one mission: help businesses to achieve SEO success. He packed his stuff up and drove from California to St. Louis.

In Gotch SEO blog he describes tactics he used to go from “no money and $40,000 in debt” to six-figure SEO businesses. Take a look. 😉




Wrapping up

Do you know some other cool SEO blogs, which I missed? Leave suggestions in comments, maybe I will include your blog as well!

Cheers! Happy hiking!