SEO: Easy 101 guide

SEO – search engine optimization – can sound somewhat tricky for a lot of people.

Especially, if you didn’t hear about it before or you just starting blogging.

Well, it’s not that hard.

In this blog, I will lie down some really basic facts how to start with SEO and what are main steps.

SEO is a combination of many factors: content, backlinks, on-page, mobile, page speed, etc.

Ideally, you would just like to publish your content and lie down. It CAN work, if your content is super high quality and viral.

Step 1. Create content

Obviously, this is where 99% of bloggers and site owners start. You just create content.

SEO is all about good quality content.

And content is king.

Some time ago, Google wasn’t that advanced and you could trick the system a little bit. Some SEO people built PBNs (private blogging networks), stole content used other blackhat techniques – and it kinda worked.

But, Google became really advanced.

So it can recognize different aspects of speech, synonyms, etc, it uses a lot of AI machine learning to understand your content like never before.

So the point of doing that is Google wants you to just focus on the creating good quality content and not looking into some more tricky technical stuff.

Basically Google wants to be so advanced, that if you create a really nice piece of content without doing any other SEO tricks, but the content is really really good, it will somehow find it’s way to the top of search engine. That is an ideal scenario. And it sort of works – if you have an amazing piece of content.

Step 2. Do backlink outreach

Next and really important factor in SEO is backlinks. The most common mistake which a lot of bloggers do is they just publish pretty average content 300-500 word 312 words long and then just wait for something to happen.

And nothing happens.

Because, without strong backlink profile, it’s very hard to get Google traffic.