How to Sell More on Instagram - 8 Tips

Instagram is more than a social media website for pictures.  Businesses, large and small, are utilizing this website and app to sell their products to those who follow them and even those who don’t.  While this is allowing every business to sell more products, and earn more money at the same time, there are a few ways that they can exceed their current standards.

Here are the top 8 tips on how to see more with Instagram:

1. Determine the Perfect Algorithm

The algorithm on Instagram is completely different than the ones that a person will see on other social media sites, and in reality, it is impossible to figure out what the perfect one is.

However, savvy Instagram sellers will admit that they see more sales when more people see their posts.

This means that thousands of likes and just as many followers and comments will not get a person as far as they could get if more people saw their post and clicked on it.

Every Instagrammer will want to work on increasing the number of post views that they have, so that they can turn them into increased sales.

2. Create Excellent Content All the Time

Instagrammers can feel the pressure when it comes to posting on this site, because they need to do it often to keep people engaged.

However, those who post nonsensical items or non-useful content will find that more people will tune them out in the future.

Therefore, it is extremely important that whatever gets posted is accurate, useful, and intriguing.

This will encourage people to visit more often and more people will eventually follow and make purchases.

The best Instagrammer will utilize videos, graphics, and amazing pictures to ensure that everyone has something interesting to see.

3. Track Every Link on Instagram

Instagram does not instantly share what works and what doesn’t work for its users, which is why everyone will need to do this tracking on their own.  Those who skip this step will notice that their sales are suffering tremendously.  Successful Instagrammers with robust sales know that the tracking of links lead them to know what they are doing that is driving traffic and what they are doing that isn’t working like they thought it would.

4. Interact Throughout the Day and Night

Interacting with followers is key to getting them to return, because they will know that they are being listened to.

To make this easier, Instagrammers can post questions or create a conversation that poses the possibility of different scenarios.

Once followers are responding, and the Instagrammer is responding to the comments, shares will be completed, and everyone will be flocking to the page to see what it offers.

5. Find Conversions Through Bio Pages

Unless a person is part of a massive and popular company, they are not going to have the return of investment that they want or desire from simple posts.

These people should utilize their bio page as much as possible by taking Instagram browsers to a specific landing page, share specific promotions, and drive traffic towards a specific product.

Everyone should track these links and see which ones are working the best for their needs.

6. Allow Customers to Do the Talking

Customers who love a person’s products can be the best salespeople, which is why Instagram sellers should encourage them to talk about those items on their own feed.

This is as simple as an Instagram seller asking customers to share their experiences.

This can be done during a follow up email or a slip of paper in the product packaging.

7. Create Instagram Ads Using Customer Reviews

The reviews that a person receives from customers can then be turned into user-generated content Instagram Ads.

These ads flow seamlessly on Instagram, which means that customers will not get annoyed with them as much as other ads.  Instagrammers may want to consider sponsoring these posts, as they normally receive more views than other paid ads.

8. Collect Influencers

This may sound like a terrible thing, as if people are like objects, but influencers can be extremely helpful in boosting an Instagrammer’s sales.

The right person can share how wonderful a certain product is with their followers, and because they like it, their followers will instantly decide that they need to have it as well.

It is the old peer influence, that has been around for years, but it has been taken to the online world where it is even more incredible and works a whole lot more.


There are many ways for a person, or business, to increase the sales that they see through their Instagram feed, but these eight will show tremendous results quicker than many of the others.

Everyone is encouraged to try these out and see how their sales numbers quickly improve in a short amount of time.