Can you replace a YouTube video?

Replacing YouTube videos is probably one of the most requested features.

Think about it - how cool would it be to alter the video or replace it completely after it was uploaded?

However, at the moment it is only possible to edit live videos - trim, add blur or sounds. It is not possible to completely replace a YouTube vid.

YouTube accompanies an exceptionally extensive Creator Studio that gives you some awesome highlights utilizing which you can transfer, deal with your substance and check your channel measurements. You can't replace a video because any new video you transfer to YouTube will get another URL.

The nearest thing that you can do is by altering your transferred video. The stage allows you to manage and refresh your video data for the recordings that are as of now transferred on the stage.

There are various approaches to alter your video.

Trim video

On YouTube, you can remove any piece from the video which you believe isn't required. Open the Editor in YouTube Studio. It shows the region featured in blue. At that point drag the lines of this zone so the ideal part is chosen. All that stays outside it will be erased.

Add Sound

In the Editor section you can add a sound.

Blur video

It is possible to blur parts of your video. You can automatically blur faces. Or you can use custom blurring.

Info Cards

You can add cards inside your recordings. This could be connections to your different recordings or outside sites where you should divert the client.

Change Title and Description of your Video

This is quite simple to achieve. Simply go to your YouTube Studio, click on "Alternatives" for the specific video for which you need to change the title and depiction. You'll get an alternative to alter something very similar.

On a Mobile Device

Once more, you can't supplant a current video with another one, yet all things considered, you can help yourself by utilizing the accompanying strategies:

Change the title and portrayal of the video:

Login to your record and go to YouTube Studio. Select the video and snap on the altar symbol. Roll out the vital improvements, and snap "Save." You can change the Name, Description, Tags, Playlists, and so forth.

Alter the Video:

When altering, you can manage the video, put music to the video, and apply channels. Note that you can attempt such alters to a video just if its complete number of perspectives is under 100,000. This necessity doesn't have any significant bearing on cuts where you need to obscure the specific segment in the video. This you can achieve whenever independent of the perspectives your video has.

Add Cards.

You can add cards to your recordings to divert clients to a particular page or your other YouTube recordings.