Pinterest Trends - Overview

Pinterest Trends - Overview

So, Pinterest just launched its version of Pinterest trends (beta).

Personally, I discovered it via Twitter, via Kevin Indig thread.

This tool can give an interesting perspective, especially for consumer segment. It is also exciting to compare data with Google trends.

However, this tool is only available in USA. But, you can still use VPN to access it.

I just tried free version of Tunnel Bear, and it works well.

So, for example, I entered seed term “travel”.

I’m presented with Searches over time dashboard.

“Each data point compares the search volume of a term to all other searches during that week. The results are then indexed from 0 to 100 to compare the relative volume of each term.”

Pinterest trends

Then I can see related terms. You can get ideas for your next pins or Pinterest boards from here.

And, in the bottom – popular related pins.

You can also compare many Pinterest trends at once.

For bloggers, depending on Pinterest traffic, this tool can be super useful. For example, I searched for “thanksgiving recipes” and you can clearly see a spike on November 27 week and then nothing. So, this way you can plan your pins in advance and schedule them e.g. two-three weeks before this spike in future.


Rand Fishkin admits that Pinterest Trends still lack middle or long-tail terms. But, still a nice addition to your marketing toolkit.


Anyways, let’s keep an eye on Pinterest trends, it’s quite Pinteresting!