"New to you" tab in YouTube app

If you were recently browsing YouTube via a mobile app, probably you noticed a new tab in the top right.

It is called "New to you".

New to you feed in YouTube mobile app

If you don't see it, try to swipe right - it can be in the very end.

New To You will suggest videos that are either not very frequently watched or haven’t been seen at all but might be able to catch user’s attention. Think of New to you feed as Discover Weekly playlist in Spotify.

A lot of YouTube viewers might complain that YouTube feed is a bit dry. Therefore with "New to you" it is possible to find some fresh content or creators, who you haven't seen before.

New to you is available both on Mobile and Desktop. It is rolling out worldwide.

Also, Explore tab was moved from bottom to the top left. In Explore tab on YouTube you can usually find top trending videos of your region.

Think of New to you feed in YouTube as Discover Weekly playlist in Spotify.

Why is it important for YouTube Creators?

It is expected that this feature will be able to help a lot of new creators who up till now were not able to get linked with the viewers. According to YouTube, New To You will give chance to other content creators as well who may not be well recognized by everyone and are waiting to be discovered by the viewers.