How to make multiple YouTube channels with one email

Is it possible to create multiple YouTube channels with one email?

Yes. You can create up to 50 channels using one email.

  1. Login to YouTube with an email associated with your YouTube channel. You might ask, how to know if I'm using the correct email? If your account has a YouTube channel, you will see Your channel link in the drop-down menu.

2. Go to YouTube channel switcher - You should see something like this. Click Create a channel.

Make multiple youtube channels with one email

3. To create a new Channel, you will need to create a new Brand account. Enter Brand name and click Create.

4. After that your new channel will be created.

5. Now if you go to your account in the top right and click Switch Account - both your old and new channels will show up.

So, there you have it - now you manage two YouTube channels with one email. To add another channel, just repeat the process, go to and create another channel.

It is possible to create up to 50 YouTube channels using one email.

Note, there is no need to create another AdSense account. It is possible to link existing AdSense account to multiple YouTube channels.

Multiple YouTube channels tips

If you are a beginner YouTuber I would strongly advise to not create multiple channels. Focus on one. It is ok to experiment, but when you found your niche and the channel is growing - just focus on that one channel.

Growing even one channel requires a lot of effort and resources, growing 2 or even more channels - will require a lot of work and can actually just be a distraction.

Many YouTubers use multiple channels to repurpose content. It is popular among podcast or gaming channels. You can have one channel for full episodes and another for short clips. For example, H3H3 Podcast has main channel with full episodes and additional channel H3H3 Podcast Highlights - with short clips. It is a smart way to not distract subscribers of the main channel with shorter videos.

Organize your channel around one niche or format. MrBeast has many channels and each of them earned at least a silver button. But, every of his channels has a separate niche - MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast, MrBeast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts and so on.

Experiment with multiple channels in different languages. Famous Ukrainian travel YouTuber Anton Ptushkin has one main channel in Russian, but he also experiments and tries to translate his content in different languages with separate channels. However, this experiments weren't a massive success so far. His videos are gaining a lot of views on the main channel with transcriptions.


Is it possible to have multiple YouTube channels with one email?

Yes, up to 50 channels.