Most Popular Programming Languages

Most Popular Programming Languages for 2019
All programming languages are equally good. There are several languages that are used by programmers every day, and this depends on their needs. For programmers to stay relevant in an ever-evolving domain, they must constantly stay up to date with trends and any changes in the programming industry.
Oftentimes, there will languages that are fading while others are trending. There are languages that shine then they just fade, others keep shining for decades. Every programmer is always looking for languages that keep him or her getting paid and his or her skills getting sort after.
Here are the most popular programming languages for 2019.
1. JavaScript for the Frontend
JavaScript for the Frontend has very good frameworks such as React, Angular together with its various versions Vue.js, Ext JS and Ember among others. These frameworks are actually loved by almost every programmer. The best thing to note is that JavaScript is not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, it seems like its momentum is increasing. If you are not so much familiar with JavaScript, then you need to learn one as soon as now. This will keep you getting paid for a long time.
2. JavaScript for the Backend
Just a few years ago people always thought that JavaScript is a frontend language only. However, this thought has come to change to the ability of JavaScript to change easily and speedily. Today, JavaScript is widely adopted through node.js as an excellent viable backend language option. There are other popular frameworks that have been built such as Meteor.js, LoopBack, Hapi.js and Express.js among many others.
3. Java
Java is still the most widely used programming language. Java has been used in various web applications, business applications as well as application frameworks such as Hibernate and Spring. It is true to say that a lot of things ranging from car stereos to refrigerators might be built with Java.
4. Python
Python utilizes very simple command and is extremely easy to use. Probably every developer, whether experienced or just a beginner will confirm that statement. It is loved by many and is incredibly flexible. Beginners usually have an easy time working with Pythion due to its simple syntax. Python is commonly used in scientific and numeric programming, web development, systems administration and GUI development.
5. PHP
PHP has been in existence since 1994 and is continually being used widely by programmers. Giant sites that we use on daily basis like Wikipedia, Facebook, Tumblr and every WordPress site are built with PHP. It is incorporated with great frameworks such as Phalcon, Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symfony.
6. C#
C# developers are continually getting paid because there are more jobs for this programming language and more companies are now using the language. C# have been used to build numerous applications and it is projected that processes will be built on the same programming language a few years to come.
7. Swift
Swift has been used in several Apple mobile app developments. Swift is mostly regarded as Objective C without C, yet Objective C is declining in terms of its popularity. This language does not have pointers nor memory management. It has been used to build mobile apps such as WordPress for iOS, Firefox iOS and PixPic.
No one wants to feel like he or she is left behind, especially if you are a developer. We need to keep learning and working with languages that are viable and thriving in order to remain on top of the game and also because a lot of businesses are investing in what is really trending or simply thriving.