Hypefury or Buffer for Twitter?

Recently, I asked this question on Twitter.

And there was some nice engagement.

I want to know what is the best scheduling tool specifically for Twitter, not all social media overall.

Because, if you want to grow your Twitter influence, it can be pretty hard without an additional tool.

I think, your choice might be among basically these three tools: Buffer, Hootsuite or Hypefury.


Buffer has a free plan. You can add 3 social media accounts, e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and schedule limited posts on each for free.

So, basically, Buffer is a good start. It introduces you to Twitter scheduling, when you can upload some content for future – and this alone can significantly enlarge your Twitter audience and impressions.

I’m using Buffer mostly via their iPhone app.

This is how your create a Tweet in Buffer.

create tweet in buffer

Then you can either post now or schedule it.

Here is your Twitter scheduling queue.

And bunch of other options: pause queue, shuffle queue, empty queue, etc.

Buffer starts from $15 per month / $144 per year.


Hypefury doesn’t have a free version, only free 14-day trial.

Also, Hypefury doesn’t have an app, it’s a PWA (progressive web app), which can be used on your mobile.

Hypefury includes additional Twitter specific features like “Tweet to Plug”: for example, if your tweet got 100 likes, it can plug a link to your Gumroad product.

Also, “Automatic retweet” and Hypefury will create threads from your long messages.

Here is how you compose a Tweet in Hypefury.

A Twitter queue in Hypefury.

You can automatically retweet in Hypefury.

And/Or Tweet to plug.

Check out also Evergreen posts – the curated list of your best posts.

“When Auto Retweets are enabled (from the Settings page), Hypefury will retweet a random evergreen post whenever a slot of your schedule is empty. This way, your timeline will stay active even when you are busy or away”.

You can add some posts from the History page.

Hypefury evergreen posts

Hypefury starts from $9 per month / $89 per year.

Bottom line

So far, I have been a paid customer of Buffer and Hootsuite and a free trial user of Hypefury.

I didn’t have much success with Twitter yet – my aim is to get to 1M monthly impressions.

Here are some reviews from people using Hypefury.

I have also seen that fast-growing Twitter accounts, such as @wellpaidgeek @catalinmpit are using Hypefury.


However, to be fair, a lot of successful bloggers on Twitter still just use native Twitter app (either mobile or web).

Overall, Hypefury sums it up the best, if you are looking for managing multiple social media accounts – Buffer is your obvious choice. But, if you want to focus and nail Twitter – give a try to Hypefury.