How to verify YouTube channel?

How to verify YouTube channel?

By verifying YouTube channel with a phone number you can have access for additional features.

For example, you can enable custom thumbnails, videos longer than 15 minutes, live streaming, appealing content ID claims. These are all really powerful features. And all you need to enable them is just to verify your phone number with YouTube. Let’s go!

Go to profile icon in top right and click on YouTube studio. Or just go to YouTube studio right away –

Then go to Settings on the left sidebar.

Click Channel – Feature Eligibility. You will need to do this on the Desktop.

Here you will see default features and features, which require phone verification.

Here are default features for your YouTube channel.

  • Video uploads
  • Playlist creation
  • Add collaborators to playlists
  • Add new videos to existing playlists

To enable these, you just need to avoid Community strikes.

And these are features available on your YouTube channel, when you verify a phone number:

  • Videos longer than 15 minutes
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Live streaming
  • Appealing Content ID claims

Another condition for these features to be available is to not have Community strikes. Plus you need to enable default features.

So, just click on “Verify phone number” and you will be redirected to this page.

Here are some guidelines from YouTube on verifying phone number. Read them carefully.

You need to select your country and select verification method from Youtube.

Then you can also change the language in which you want to receive the message.

And finally enter your phone number in the required format.

Click Submit.

You need to have your phone near you as message/call should be soon.

Then just follow the instructions and on the next screen enter your code.

That’s it.

After you verified your Phone number on YouTube, you will have access to additional features.

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