How to see YouTube tags?

One of the best ways to find new ideas for your YouTube tags is to look them up from competitor YouTube channels. Or just from channels in your niche.

Note: just blindly stealing all the tags won't help you a lot. But, if you use this data for your own ideas - that would be a better approach.

Basically, there are three main ways to see competitors YouTube tags:

  • Page Source in Browser
  • VidIQ
  • TubeBuddy

See YouTube tags via Page Source

  1. Go to any YouTube video in Chrome (I mostly use Chrome, but probably this will also work in other major browsers - Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera).
  2. Right click and View Page Source.

3. Search page (Cmd + F on Mac or Ctrl + F on Windows) for "keywords". And then you will be able to find YouTube tags.

So, this is a way to find YouTube tags via HTML. Yeah, it can be a bit hard for non-tech savvy users. Thankfully, there are easier ways to see competitors YouTube tags.

See YouTube tags via VidIQ

  1. Go to, create a free account and add Chrome extension. It is free.
  2. Go to YouTube, go to a video you want to get tags from and on the right sidebar you will see all YouTube tags for that video.
How to see YouTube tags?

In the top right corner of that tab it is possible to copy tags to clipboard or export as .CSV file.

Copy competitors YouTube tags

See YouTube tags via TubeBuddy

Same as VidIQ, go to and install their Chrome extension.

Then go to video and you should see all the tags in the sidebar.

Hope that was helpful!

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