How to overcome 5K sessions per month?

So, you just started your blog.

Then, you started creating 2-3 blogs per week.

Of course, after that, you will promote your content on social media.

Post it to their facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, youtube pages – this obviously works.

In my experience, of course, depending on number of your followers – but if you have, e.g. 10K followers in Instagram, 2-3K followers of your facebook page, 3K friends, 1K connections on Linkedin, 5K on Twitter – you will get to <strong>5-7K sessions per month</strong>.

These are <strong>above average</strong> followers numbers. Certainly, if you have grown to 100K followers (and more) on Youtube or Instagram – traffic numbers would be bigger.

But, after you promote your content on social media – a lot of bloggers are stuck.
<h3>You hit that 5K sessions per month mark – and then it’s really hard to overcome it.</h3>
This is where blogging game really starts. If you can move your blog to 10K – it means, at some time you will be able to scale it to 100K per month mark.

10K per month, in most cases means, that you have figured out what works for you and how to adjust your content to online marketing algorithms.

Also, keep in mind, that a lot of juicy affiliate programs with nice commissions require at least 25K per month or 50-55K per month.

Now, in blogging it’s always important to remember what’s the goal of your traffic. For a lot of consultancies, agencies, companies – 5K inbound traffic per month – is enough. If out from 5K users, they can get 5 clients – 0,1 conversion rate – with a good contract – that’s great.

But, for most bloggers it’s not enough.

So, back to point.

How did I cross 5K mark per month?




2 things – Pinterest and Google.

The key to growing and steady traffic in my experience – is free, organic traffic, either from Pinterest or Google.

These 2 sources helped me to take my traffic over 5K sessions per month on <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”></a>

Pinterest – a visual search engine, Google – mostly text search engine.

See, the main problem with sharing your content to facebook page, without growing followers – is that it’s not steady and not discoverable. Once, you stopped sharing – all traffic is gone.

While Google and Pinterest – you content is discoverable in a search engine. Even if you don’t post, your traffic continues to grow.

In long term, Google takes the lead. Most successful bloggers receive biggest chunk of their traffic from Google. So, you need to really get to know SEO – if you are serious about blogging and want to make some income in future.

There are number of strategies how to grow on Pinterest and Google. I will focus on them in future blogs.



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