How to get started with Pinterest?

Here is quick guide about getting started on Pinterest.

I’ve scaled one of my accounts – @museuly – to 80K+ followers, 3-10M+ monthly impressions, which bring 20-50K monthly pageviews to my website –


1. Create a Pinterest account

Try to secure your brand @username.

2. Install Pinterest Chrome extension (free)

Get it here.

With help of this extension you can go to any blog or page, it will automatically extract images and you can save them one by one to your Pinterest account.

You can also install Pinterest Save Button on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, unfortunately not on Safari.

3. Create Tailwind account and Install Tailwind extension

Tailwind helps to bulk schedule images – for example you can easily schedule 100 pins in minutes.

It is free for first 200 pins, you can signup with your Pinterest account.

Tailwind is a well-known Pinterest scheduler tool. If you follow Pinterest guidelines and rules, using Tailwind won’t get your account penalized.

4. Create Pinterest boards

In your Pinterest account create 3-5 main boards – you will save your pins there.

Boards are really important in Pinterest – descriptions, featured images, Board names and so on. Because Pinterest is also one of the biggest visual search engines and boards play a significant role in Pinterest SEO.

5. Where to start?

 – Blogs and pages – you can start with just going through your blogs and pages with images and pin images from there. With help of Pinterest save button or Tailwind extension.

 – Quotes – quotes always get a lot of impressions and traffic in Pinterest.

 – Infographics – usually get a lot of close-ups and engagement, but not a lot of click-throughs.

6. Use

Canva is a great free tool to create Pinterest templates. It does the job.

Of course, maybe you can try more advanced stuff with Photoshop or Illustrator.

7. Analytics

After you pinned for a certain period – e.g. a month – analyze and look through top repinned pins.

Try to create more similar pins.