How to disable Youtube comments?

Here is quick visual guide about disabling your Youtube comments.

You can disable Youtube comments:

  • for the whole channel;
  • for a specific video.

Overall, you have four options:

  • Allow all comments
  • Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review
  • Hold all comments for review
  • Disable comments

How to disable Youtube comments on a channel level?

1. Go to your Youtube Studio.

2. Go to Settings

Youtube settings

3. Go to Upload defaults -> Advanced settings

Youtube advanced settings

4. Scroll down to Comments and select Disable comments from a dropdown.

How to disable comments in Youtube


How to disable comments in a specific Youtube video?

1. In Youtube Studio, go to Videos tab.

how to update categories on Youtube videos

2. Hover over specific video and click Details (pencil icon).

Youtube details icon

3. Go to More options

4. Scroll down to Comments and ratings section. Select Disable comments and Save. That’s it, comments will be disabled for this specific Youtube video.

how to disable comments on youtube


Note, both on the channel level and for specific video, you can sort comments either by Top or Newest.


Why would you disable Youtube comments?

Provocative content – maybe your video can be too provocative and people might leave a whole trail of bad comments.

Neutrality – maybe you want your video to remain neutral and don’t support any side.

Too many bad comments – maybe there are already too many bad comments and you don’t want to show them. 🙂