How to disable likes on Youtube?

Here is a quick and easy visual guide about disabling likes on Youtube.

1. Log in to

2. Go to Videos.

how to update categories on Youtube videos

3. Click on Details (pencil icon).

4. Go to More Options.

5. Scroll down and uncheck “Users can view ratings for this video”.

That’s it. This way you will disable the view of both likes and dislikes on Youtube.

Users will still be able to like or dislike, they just won’t see the numbers.


Why would you disable likes on Youtube?

There might be a couple of reasons.

  • You’ve got a ton of dislikes. For example, 70% of all likes are dislikes. Some people don’t want their viewers to see that. It can be damaging to brand.
  • Sensible video – some content can be sensible, so creators or publishers disable likes/dislikes and also ability to comment. They want to keep neutrality in engagement.
  • Hide stats – maybe some creators don’t want to disclose exact stats for competitors.
  • Hide likes to hide bought/bot views or super low engagement – usually number of likes is around 10% to all views. For example, video has 100K views, so as a rule of thumb there should be around 10K likes. If correlation is drastically lower – e.g. only 1K likes on 100K views video – it means one of two things: 1) super low engagement, 2) bought views. If you don’t see likes, you can’t spot that.