How often should you post on YouTube?

So, what is the best posting schedule on YouTube?

It differs a lot depending on your content, production expenses, niche, audience and many other factors.

There is no definitive answer like - "You should post 3 times per week around noon" or "5 timer per week on weekdays".

In my experience however I have seen the trend that the more you post on YouTube - the better.

Overall, Internet loves a lot of content. The more content - the more hooks, impressions, opportunities you have.

How often do successful YouTubers post?

If you look at successful YouTubers - PewDiePie - they usually put out a lot of content. PewDiePie would post at least a video per day.

If he would go on a vacation or travel he would schedule videos beforehand.

Casey Neistat famously run a daily vlog for more than year. He was posting a long, well-edited vlog every single day.

Logan and Jake Paul, Roman Atwood also did long daily videos.

High quality daily videos brought success to the many famous YouTubers.

Of course, you should focus on quality.

MrBeast produces one of the best high quality videos in the industry right now and he posts 1 time per week, but a video of extreme quality. Of course, MrBeast also has like a dozen of other YouTube channels.

In my niche - how to tech videos - I try to put out a lot of content, sometimes more than 10 videos per day. Sometimes, even 30-50 videos per day.

How often should you post?

Look at your other metrics to decide the best options:

  • what brings more views
  • what brings higher retention
  • more subscribers
  • more revenue