7 Gumroad landing page tips, which will boost sales

Gumroad is a “Shopify for creators”.

It was started quite a while ago, but now this service is really becoming super popular among creators.

If you want to sell let’s say an ebook – Gumroad is perfect. It handles payment, landing page, discovery and other issues, so you are just staying focused around your product.

A lot of creators already make some serious cash on Gumroad.

So, here is a thread from Twitter which nails some advice for Gumroad landing pages, based on experience from successful creators.

1. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Super Simple

Don’t use fancy words, people might get skeptical.

2. Remove friction

You can offer something like money-back guarantee.

Identify top objections, which might be and try “objection-handling” on your Gumroad page.

3. Talk About Them – your customers

Don’t talk about YOU – try to solve THEIRS problems.

4. Add Social Proof

Social proof works. But, don’t fake it. Put up good reviews, thank you messages, screenshots, logos of companies you worked with (if you have a permission).

5. Your Honest Story

Tell your story, again, don’t fake it. People will see fake stuff from a mile and it will scare them from your product.

6. Incentivize your product

Run a discount, make it more special. Time limits also work.

7. Use Variations

Include different pricing for different variants of your products. Read more on Gumroad blog.


Here are some examples of successful Gumroad profiles.

@dvassallo sells mega-popular e-book “The Good Parts of AWS”.

Here is a link to his page https://gumroad.com/l/aws-good-parts

Let’s deconstruct his Gumroad Landing page.

First, there is a rather long introduction, written in simple, but also professional language. It is also honest – “This is not your typical reference book. It doesn’t cover all of AWS or all its quirks” and straight to the point – “we want to help you realize which AWS features you’d be foolish not to use”. There is a reference to 15 years of experience with AWS.

Second, then there is a free book sample, no email required.

Third, contents of the book.


Fourth, FAQ section, which handles the objections and answers questions like:

  • what’s the refund policy?
  • can I share the book with team?
  • is it a beginner book?

And lastly, there is a “Praise from Others” – social proof. These are honest reviews, with real Twitter handles.