15 Facebook marketing tips for 2020

As we know that Facebook is one of the essential social media platforms, which is the reason that advertising on it is a great way to connect with various audiences on the world’s greatest social network.

Nowadays, a lot of SEO company in Chandigarh are making way towards the same. However, with the evolution of Facebook algorithms at every point in time makes it a struggle for the users to connect with the fans and audiences in an organic way.

With the help of Facebook’s micro-targeting characteristics, you can reach towards the apt potential audience. The meaning of the same is that Facebook ads can get the message in front of the people as well who are interested in taking the products and services. It is very much helpful for the users budget, ROI, and conversion rates.

The payment is undertaken for reaching the greatest potential customers, no matter what. It is necessary for understanding the different types of Facebook ads and aiming the options before diving into the same to get the desired results.

Let us take a look at how advertising can be taken place on Facebook. 

If you own a business page on facebook, then it is better to move straight towards the Ads Manager of Facebook or to the Business manager for establishment in the creation of the ad campaign at Facebook. In case, you do not own a Facebook page, then move on to make one first.

1. Choice of Objectives

First of all, you need to log in to the Ads Manager of Facebook and then click on the tab named Campaigns, then further click on the create button for starting a new ad campaign on the same platform. We must be aware that Facebook gives eleven marketing measures based on which, the basis of the ad for accomplishment  is chosen.

The alignment of the same as mentioned below:

  • Brand Awareness: Introduction of the brand to the new potential audience.
  • Good Reach: It is better to reveal the ad to a lot of people in the audience, as long as possible.
  • High Traffic: Try to engage traffic to a particular web page, application or  on the Facebook’s messaging system for conversation.
  • Engagement: For reaching towards higher engagement, it is important to raise the huge amount of posts engagement, likes on the pages, increasing the attendance of the event, or motivating the people for taking special offers and more.
  • Installation of application: Bring people for installing the application.
  • Views on the video: Bring people for watching the videos.
  • Generation of Lead: Bringing in new clients into the sales field.
  • Messages: Encouragement for people for getting in touch with the business through the help of Facebook messenger.
  • Conversions: Bring in people for undertaking particular actions on the website, for instance, a subscription to the list or purchasing the product with the application or on the Facebook messenger itself.
  • Catalog Sales: Connect Facebook advertisements to the product catalogs for showing people the advertisements of the products and services, they might be interested in purchasing.
  • Traffic on Store: Make sure to drive the nearest customers to the stores of bricks and mortar.

2. Choose the name of the campaign

Remember to scroll down for giving a name to the ad campaign of Facebook and make a choice whether to establish an A/B split test or not. It is up to the users if you are willing to turn on the optimization of the budget or not.

Such options can be beneficial for the usage of various multiple advertisement sets, but after that you can freely leave it turned off. For the aim of engagement, you must choose either to concentrate on post engagement or likes, or pages, or event responses. For instance, I will choose the page likes.

3. Establish the ad account

Are you the one who already has an existing account, then you will see the button that mentions, click the same for moving towards the next step. However, if you are new to this platform’s advertising, then you might see a button that has mentioned Set up Ad Account.

By clicking on it, you will be taken to a place where you will have to add up the key details for the creation of the ad account. Then,enter the name of the country, choice of  currency, and the time zone of the area. Then, click on continue. Be cautious while choosing, as if you are looking to alter the options later while then you need to establish a different account for that.

4. Aim for the right audience

On the top of the screen, you can freely give a name to the Facebook ad campaign and make choices for the pages that have to be promoted. Move down to begin the establishment of the target audience for the ads. You can freely take a look at the first option for the addition of great audience who are existing plus interacting with the business on Facebook or outside it.

Taking a look at some of the targeting options, which can educate us in the right manner. Select the age, gender, targeted location, and gender. As soon as your selections are undertaken, start with keeping an eye on the size of the audience which is present on the right-hand side of the screen. It is beneficial as it provides a great sense of potential advertisement reach to the same. The users will notice the estimated number of likes on the pages.

The estimated likes will be more on pages of likes. Such estimates are clear and apt, in case you have experience in running the campaigns before, as Facebook can have more stuff to work on. Make sure to keep in mind that they are estimates, not the proper guarantees.

We must be clear with the fact that effective targeting is the key to maximization of ROI, and there are no further small methods that can target the audience with the help of Facebook Ads Manager.

5. Choice of Facebook Ad placements

All you have to do is go down by scrolling to choose the ads that can appear. In case, you are new to Facebook advertising, then the easiest choice is to make use of Automatic Placements. During the selection of this option, Facebook can automatically place the ads around Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and audience network when you are keen on gaining the finest results. As soon as you get more experience in the same process, you might want to place the Facebook ads in particular areas.

6. Select budget and schedule

As soon as you decide the amount of money which is required for spending on Facebook ad campaigns. You can freely make choices for regular and lifetime budgets, after that set a specific start and end dates, in case the ad has to be scheduled in the future or want to turn it live at the same time. The next step is the addition of optional rates and bid the controls that can cap the amount with every action, instead of for the whole campaign.

7. Creation of ad

The first step is to make a choice of the ad format and enter the text plus media elements for the ad. There will be the availability of formats that will differ based on the objective of the campaign that has been chosen by you during the starting of the procedure.

Use the preview tool from the bottom of the page, so that your ad can have a great look for every targeted placement like desktop, mobile devices, right column, news feed and more. After you are done with making choices, then click on the green confirm button for submission of the order, after which you will be notified by mail from Facebook.

8. Tidy the posts

As we know that the Facebook news feed is always full of the crowd no matter what. Well, due to the same reason keep in mind to clear the untidy posts and keep them properly. The format and manner of the posts can be either a stand-alone or a fading away manner in the background of the same.

A social media post can is in taken in a place with a high-quality picture which is ten times better and good for the engagement in comparison to the post that is completely plain. A little innovation is always required for audience engagement. The pictures should be clear and easy to understand so that people can accurately make a way.

9. User-based content

There must be a sharing of user-based content rather than coming up with your content, as that can be beneficial in making a mark in the minds of the audience as well. The same helps save the time and energy of the user and at the same time, it promotes the loyalty of the brand plus helping the users in feeling involved all the time.

The simplest method is by making the users share pictures of the interactions accompanied by the product of brands. Every other person has the requirement of being famous on social media and especially crave that their loved brands must know them. For the improvisation of the brands, you can allow the users to be a member of the page in a personal manner.

10. Posting of Videos

Today, more than anything videos are the most wanted content. No matter what, every user is fond of videos as they do great and also boost the engagement level of the overall content for the website. More than thousands of million Facebook users watch videos every day for 100 million hours.

Plus, the famous thing about the video is visible only by its growth. From April and November in the year 2015, a huge number of videos have taken a positive toll on a view every day. Now, there is a proposal undertaking by Facebook that changes the algorithm that can estimate the interest of people through the videos.

11. Insights are helpful

No matter what, Facebook insights are highly beneficial for analyzing and figuring the kind of content. Posting or updating with quality content is just a part of the battle, while the other part is figuring or observing the metrics to look out for trends in engaging so that you are aware of whether the content is succeeding or not.

One of the best tools for the internal analysis of Facebook is Facebook Page Insights.

12. Are you aware of timing?

Playing with time through the help of Facebook Page Insights can be a great way for keeping a check on the posts. The information and knowledge from the same can be gained from the Page Insights Data.

It can showcase whether the followers are online, or the kind of posts that are done better during the times of difficulty in a day, and the kind of posts that are regarded the best in engagement.

13. Audience Insights

The other tool for analysis is the Facebook Audience Insights. It can help track user behavior in an organized manner. This step is different from the calculation of the page insights as it gives information regarding the potential audiences, instead of the pure metrics of engagement.

14. Promotion with Facebook Ads

Organic posting is loved and appreciated by all. Plus it is the best method for the engagement of users every now and then. Though there might be a lot of alterations in the algorithm of Facebook, however, it is way cheaper than the Google AdWords.

15. Choose a Particular Audience

For boosting the audience and good reach, it is best to choose a particular kind of audience. For making sure whether the Facebook Ads are efficient or not, frame a method to narrow down the amount of audience. It can lead from location-based to segment based on interest-based audiences plus the life events as well.


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