Digital Marketing Conferences in 2020

It is time (maybe already an overdue :)) to start planning your activities for 2020. Here is an overview of great digital marketing conferences around the world.

On the good side: there are many really amazing digital marketing events and conferences in 2020.

On the bad side: majority of them are not free, and quite expensive (excluding prices of flights, accommodation, etc).

B2B Marketing Exchange

February 24-26, Scottsdale, USA

Prices: $895-$1495

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Social Media Marketing World

March 1-3, San-Diego, USA

Prices: $447-$1277

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Digital Summit Seattle

April 14-16, Seattle, USA

Prices: $275-$995

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Content Marketing Conference in Boston

April 21-23, Boston, USA

Prices: $849-$1399

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Hypergrowth, London

May 6, London, UK

Prices: £199-£599

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An event organized by Drift.

Growth Hackers Conference

June 4, San Francisco, USA

Prices: $489 – $2,049

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July 6-8, Seattle, USA

Prices: $149-$1699

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Great conference for SEOs, agencies and content marketeers.

Growth Marketing Summit

September 1, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Prices: €119 – €1959

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A world-class conference on digital growth.

Unbounce CTA Conference

September 30 – October 1, Vancouver, Canada

Prices: CA 321

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Growth Marketing Stage

October 28-29, Kyiv, Ukraine

Prices: not announced yet

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Growth Marketing Conference

December 2020, San Francisco, USA

Prices: not announced yet

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There are bunch of other events on Eventbrite, just filter by Digital Marketing events there.