15 Best Digital Marketing Books To Read in 2020

15 Best Digital Marketing Books To Read in 2020

Digital Marketing is ever-changing and highly evolving field. With new strategies, tactics, and tools emerging every other day, the best way to stay on the top is to invest in something useful like Digital Marketing Books. The expert marketers always follow the advice by the professionals who have written these books after spending years of research.

Today, we have come up with 15 best digital marketing books to read that should be in every business library.

So, take a look at the 15 best digital marketing books to read in 2019.

1. Purple cow by Seth Godin

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This book is called the Bible of digital marketing. There has to be the reason why this book is given that much consideration. The book was published in 2003, by a former business executive, Seth Godin. It managed to sell 150,000 copies in the first two years! New edition has been published since then. Still, the book is as relevant today as it was then.

If you give something different to the world, the world would see it as a break from the boring, bard, and monotonous routine of theirs. It would want what you have to offer. A Purple cow means phenomenal, unbelievable, and exciting. Set Godin urges you to do something different here.

2. The big data-driven business

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Every single action of your audience will give you a hint about their choices. And you can access every kind of information about them via the internet. But how are you going to handle that sea of data?

This book, written by Sean Callahan and Russel Glass, is going to give you expert advice as to how you can use all that data to your advantage. It can impact your digital marketing strategy a great deal!

3. The Good Book of SEO

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The Good Book of SEO by Radomir Basta will teach you basics of SEO.

Radomir is the lead product architect of three SEO-focused SaaS tools – Dibz.me, Reportz.io and Base.me, where SEO plays an important role in growing revenue. So, this book would be an interesting read for every SEO professional.

You’ll be able to learn exactly what search engine optimization is, what it’s components are, and how to fit it into a larger marketing strategy. The book is intended for marketing managers or business owners who want to have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the industry. It covers everything from basics like keywords to some more advanced concepts like the importance of local SEO, and how google parses natural language. Written in an easy-to-read manner, chock-full of pop-culture references, and brimming with useful info, it’s a must for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the fact-paced SEO world.

You can order get either ebook or paperbook on Amazon.

4. Youtility: why smart marketing about helps not hype

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This book serves as an antithesis of the book “purple cow.” In this book, Jay Baer is going to tell you that it is not all about being different. You ought to be a smart kind of different. You need to offer a unique solution to the audience, that will help them improve their lives.

The consumer of this age is smart. He will only choose your product if you manage to convince him that your brand is worth their money. He will not throw his money on your product just because it is different. So the bottom line is, being useful is as important as being creative.

5. They as you answer: a revolutionary approach to inbound sales, content marketing, and today’s digital customer

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What is the most affordable way to connect with others? Wasting gas and driving to their place? No. booking a plane ticket and flying to them? Nope, not at all. It’s social media! This book targets exactly that.

Marcus Sheridan tells you how to use social media as a tool to connect with the audience via social media and establish a direct connection with them. It is an essential part of the marketing strategy!

6. Jab, jab, jab, right hook: how to tell your story in a noisy social world

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The writer of this book, Gary Vaynerchuk, is a great influential social media personality. And this book of his has a lot to offer to the world of digital marketing.

Social media sites are handy to access, but it is hard to get yourself noticed there. This book will help you focus on the game-winning techniques and campaigns.

7. The freaks shall inherit the earth: entrepreneurship for weirdos, misfits, and world of dominators

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Chris Brogan has got your back with this book if you feel like the trends are too mainstream for you. In this book, he implies that the internet can house anyone, no matter how weird they are. You will manage to get to your target audience nonetheless.

8. Content inc: how entrepreneurs use content to build massive audiences and create radically successful businesses

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Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi is going to take you on a trip through the six most fundamental steps that have to be taken to build a highly successful business. You can sell anything literally if you have the a relevant marketing strategy. This book will help you accomplish that!

9. Convert: designing websites to increase traffic and conversion

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Let’s not forget about the importance of your website in the general marketing plan. If you want to make your website appealing and functional, you would want this book.

Your website needs to look professional and impressive. Sure, a simple website will also get the job of conveying the information to your costumers done, but with a decent design, you will make them STAY. To explore through the basics of website design using convert.

10. The content formula: calculate the ROI of content marketing and never waste money again

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ROI of any program can prove to be priceless. This book will help you calculate the ROI of your content program.

11. Contagious: why things catch on

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This book will help you explain the dynamics of why products or brands become popular. Every brand uses certain methodologies that pave the way to success for them. And studying those methods is a great way of developing such methodologies for yourself. It will help you through light on how you can make the news about your product spread like fire in a jungle.

12. Email marketing demystified: build a massive mailing list, write copy that converts, and generate more sales

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This might be only a part of digital marketing in general, but most people tend to ignore the importance of email. According to a research by ExactTarget, 77% of the folks like the brand’s information via email.

Matthew Paulson is going to show you 15 different, proven techniques that will help you sustain you through email marketing. Email marketing is inexpensive, and a great way to reach a targeted audience. So get this book if you want higher profits!

13. The new rules of marketing and PR: how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, new releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly

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The name is quite self-explanatory. This book covers everything you need to know in order, to begin with, marketing. When you launch a brand, you need as much publicity as possible.

In this book, the writer David Meerman Scott is not only going to teach you the tactics of content marketing, but he will also tell you that will help you acquire that massive publicity you are looking for. As marketers, you have to look out for the strategies that will set you apart from the others. This book will help you achieve that.

14. Hooked: how to build habit-forming products

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The duo of Ryan Hoover and Nir Eyal is going to teach you how to position your brand if you want the people to be drawn to it naturally. This book will help you develop a distinguished marketing strategy.

Keeping an eye on your competitors is something that a brand has to do at all times. However, you would never be able to figure out how and why their brand is doing better. With this book, you will not need to do that. Why? Because it will teach you how to attract customers in a natural way.

15. Everybody writes: your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content

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Good content, no. I mean, GREAT content, is critical to a business that does GREAT. Explore the realms of content creation, publishing, and production, with Ann Handley.

Ann Hadley is a pro blogger and a digital marketing influencer. She will help you get amazing results out of the content that you establish.

Words are like the currency of the web. So you will have to learn how to brainstorm, to research, and to convince people using the power of words. This book will teach you just exactly that.

16. Marketing: a love story: how to matter to your costumers

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Last, but not least, it is important for the costumers to know that you care about them. This is one of the main techniques that brands use to win the hearts of their customers. You have to be involved in them, invested in them, without making them feel as if you are enforcing yourself upon them.

The author, Bernadette Jiwa, shows you how to work so that you can make yourself matter to your customers by showing them that they matter to you.