Coronavirus influence on traffic

In these shaky times of crisis, there are obviously changes in traffic.

If you are a publisher, blogger, content creator – your daily revenue can be significantly influenced.

Of course, it depends on the niche. Probably, some sites in health niches will get a huge influx of organic traffic.

But, also, in UK Google will add NHS sites to knowledge panels and boost them in search results.

In this short article, I will just share some examples.

More people are spending time home, so they should spend more time reading online content, right?

Hm, not always the case, probably majority of people will just stream shows on Netflix, Disney+ and so on, spend their time in messengers and on specific niche sites (e.g. about health and crushing economy).

Here are some thoughts from FatStacksBlog:

Coronavirus influence on traffic

Here are also some thoughts on volatile traffic from Ezoic (Ads company).

According to Ezoic,

Categories of sites that are generally seeing lower traffic:

  • Housing and DIY sites
  • Business-related topics
  • Sports
  • Educational references
  • Wiki’s and referential sites
  • Coupon and money-saving sites
  • Travel sites

Categories of sites that are generally  seeing higher traffic:

  • Productivity tools and web applications
  • Entertainment sites
  • Religious sites
  • Gaming sites
  • Ideal time resources

And of course, ads revenue might go down as a result of slowing economy.

Meanwhile, ad rates aren’t influenced that much at the moment.

Corona influence on ad rates

So, here are examples from few sites.

Travel and inspiration site – almost 29% drop (10-16th March vs previous period). However, not completely accurate, as there was a spike on 8th March.

Online Marketing site – no change.

Productivity and software site – increase from 13th March. This site focused on productivity hacks for everyday software, streaming services (Netflix, Disney+), music services (Spotify, SoundCloud), distant work software (Slack, Zoom), iOS, MacOS, Windows, etc.

B2B software site – 11% decrease.

Also, check out Youtube traffic spike – with content about productivity and software hacks (Netflix, Disney+, Zoom, Slack, etc). But, with growing Youtube views, AdSense revenue is not catching up.