Canirank Review - Why You Should Give it a Try?

Canirank Review - Why You Should Give it a Try?

SEO can be hard, especially if you don’t have any prior experience, especially in 2019, when Google algorithms are so advanced.

However, there is a number of SEO tools, which can simplify SEO a lot.

And in these series of blogs, I will go through my favorite SEO tools.

Canirank – one of the great SEO tools for small businesses (it is also used by fast-growing startups and enterprises).

Basically, Canirank analyzes SEO data from numerous sources and based on that, gives you practical, actionable advice – in simple terms. Just enter your website URL and you will be given a powerful SEO checklist.

What I personally like, is that it is not a standard on-page and technical checklist – there are many site audit tools out there. But, CanIRank also presents link building and competitor analysis opportunities, relevant to your site. In my experience, this overview helped me to get quite a few powerful backlinks.

It is built and designed by predictive analytics experts, who utilized data to provide users with actionable recommendations to quickly gain credible results with their SEO efforts.

The CanIRank software leverages data collection through a number of well-known and trusted tools and uses machine learning to analyze the thousands and thousands of lines of data, to make clear, actionable insights, plans, and recommendations based on that data analysis.

Canirank review

In simple terms, the AI backed CanIRank tool does the hard work by analyzing the data and provides insights on what that data means and recommends the best actions are to take in order to increase SEO ROI.

Users can follow the tools recommendations themselves or hire one of their SEO experts to do it for them.

Canirank gives you specific recommendations rather than just data.


There are a number of different metrics to guide the users understanding of the opportunities exist for SEO wins.

So high-value opportunities will be measured against the probability that they can be achieved, by weighing up which are the best opportunities to pursue against achievability. This wouldn’t be possible without considering what your competitors are doing.


Competitive Analysis Tool:

The CanIRank Competitive Analysis tool doesn’t just tell you which are the top ranking sites, but explains what drives those top rankings. And it does so in a way that is easy to understand. Once the software has positioned a keyword against the ranking competitors, it explains exactly what needs to do to improve the rankings. So aside from being easy to follow, it explains exactly why each action needs to be taken, and the impact it has on rankings. Metrics are broken down and clearly highlighted for ranking sites. So again, emphasizing why those sites are doing to rank and what needs to be done to outrank them.




Linking Building Tool:

A crucial element to SEO is link building, it is also the most frustrating and time-consuming aspect too. No SEO strategy is complete without an outline on how a healthy domain authority will be achieved.  


CanIRank simplifies link-building by generating opportunities customized to a users site, and provides guidance on which of these opportunities are likely to link to the users, provide a dofollow link and generate the most “link juice”.  A provides detailed step by step instructions on how these links can be achieved.


Use a specific page on your site, and chose from 12 different strategies to search for link opportunities. Some of these are competitors links, unlinked mentions, resource pages, Q&A, aggregators etc.


So whether our users are research influencers to connect with, searching for unlinked mentions or aggregators. They can delegate these tasks to an expert who will analyze the best opportunities based on domain authority and relevancy.


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Keyword Difficulty Tool:

CanIRank uses the same machine learning techniques that power Google, so the correlations with Google is superior to alternatives. The aim with this tool, is to establish what keywords a user will be able to rank for, before they start crafting content with specific keywords in mind. The software incorporates thematic relevancy into its keyword difficulty indicators streamlining the results to align with the users industry. This thematic relevancy ensures that users will be guided away from tempting high-value keywords, that will not gain the relevant results they need to help their site rank.


The CanIRank software will identify keywords that may not be the easiest but will gain an ROI. It will demonstrate why a keyword is hard to rank for, and help you evaluate whether it’s worth pursuing or not.


Keyword Research:


The CanIRank Keyword Research tool uses multiple different sources to uncover keyword suggestions within a users niche. There isn’t much point in doing keyword research in the exact same way as your competitors, which tends to be predominately Google Keyword Planner. The CanIRank software sources suggestions from several different areas, all relevant to the users’ website. This could range from word targeted by your competitors, terms frequently used on high ranking pages and semantically related phrases.

The machine learning powered tool means that it is constantly learning which keywords are performing best, and are the most valuable for your website. Once you have found your primary keyword, CanIRank will generate secondary keyword variations you can also target with the same page.


CanIRank software can be utilized as a tool to be guided through an effective SEO strategy for a users website. Providing step by step guidance on what tasks should be done next with accompanying explanations. There is always the option to hire an expert to fulfill all or some of the tasks. And Professional & agency accounts which provide access for multiple sites.


Here is the current pricing structure for Canirank:

To sum it up

If you are new to SEO and just data is not enough, you probably need to try tools like CanIRank. It provides you not only with audit, but actionable steps, how you can improve your SEO – in keyword research, link building, content planning, competitor analysis and so on. Moreover, the effectiveness of CanIRank was proven by many successful startups and companies.