Brand Marketing Tips

Brand Marketing Tips

Battle of the brands – Tips to Improve Online Brand Marketing


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Digital marketing is definitely the need of the hour. You don’t just create products or services; you have to endorse them through a marketing campaign to increase sales— your growth depends on your marketing strategy.

It has become absolutely important for brands to have their own web address in the form of either a website or a social media presence. It’s an established fact that more than 50 per cent of consumers follow at least one brand on social media.

Various brands today, make use of digital media in order to promote their brand identity and increase revenue. Since digital marketing is cost-effective, you can optimize your campaigns

Why Online marketing

When I talk about digital marketing, it is not just about creating a website and then expecting people to start pounding on to it. That’s not how it works!

You can’t just throw your money around to buy a domain name and make it look fancy through a WordPress theme and expect the website to generate traffic. There is a lot more that goes into creating an online presence and customer base.

As a digital marketing expert, I feel there are a lot of ways that a brand can work its way on the digital platform. When your brand is established, you can bring in more customers to your business and expand growth opportunities.

Tips to Improve Brand Marketing

I have a few tips to share as there are a few boosters that can hype your online branding up.

Know Your Audience and Target Them Well

There cannot be enough emphasis on the fact that you need to be extremely well acquainted with the kind of audience that you aim to have. These audiences, of course, vary brand to brand but one needs to identify their audience correctly or everything is likely to fall flat.

Think about the values and core understandings of your brand and establish the kind of audience you are looking at. Want to know how to target your audience? Better learn some tips from Kylie Jenner. She has created a huge customer base for her brand KylieCosmetics by digging into the demographics and then analysing their interests, their needs and their wants.

Offer Factor, for example, is another brand that has created a considerably decent online presence and maintains a customer base owing to their strong digital marketing skills.

When you have identified your audience and designed your products accordingly, use the colours, fonts, themes and concepts that are relevant to compel them to your webpage. Try and look into the strategies your competitors are using to attract customers.

What keywords are they searching for? What is the most wanted product for them? What kind of service they prefer while looking for a brand on a digital platform?

These might seem like a lot of questions but if you have identified your audience correctly and have done enough research on their needs and wants, this is going to be a piece of cake. Insight into the lives of your potential consumers help you build personal relationships with them.

Direct your marketing strategy straight towards people who are likely to browse, sign up, purchase and eventually come back!

Find various tools and programs that will allow you an insight into your customer’s mind and purchasing ability. Tools like SEO provide all your required data through conversions and lead generation and helps redirect a plethora of customers your way.

You are going to need a balance of everything in order to maintain the audience and create accordingly.

Some 72% of respondents say content creation is one of the most effective SEO tactics they employ; other top tactics are keyword/phrase research (48% cite), frequent website updating (34%), and relevant link building (33%).

Search through the current trends and master the technique of integrating various marketing tools into your brand strategy.

Determine Your Reach

Audience and reach go hand in hand. Once you know your audience, you will know where you are more likely to find this particular audience. This could depend on their age group, gender, professions and even something as minute as their romantic preferences.

One needs to keep in mind that the millennials tend to shop online through various platforms. Social Media has taken over the Internet and the popularity has risen immensely. You need to create a sophisticated strategy for your brand that covers all — from Facebook to Instagram to your webpage.

Where it is important to keep it all covered, you also need to understand that there will always be that one platform that is prevalent among the audience that you are targeting. A younger audience is more likely to be active on Instagram than browsing a website.

Brand marketing

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Invest in your targeted platform. This will lead to increased customer engagement which is going to build a level of trust and access.

All you need to do is to divide your digital marketing budget in a way that is reflective of your audience and your core values. Suit yourself, suit the customers and you will automatically suit your business needs!

Maintain a Customer Base

Here I am again, talking about the customer and a customer base. The repetition and constant reminders in regards to customers are simply because once you figure out what they want and the most effective ways to provide it to them, you are all set to go.

Maintaining a customer base is very important. For this you need to offer discounts on signing up and ask them to subscribe to your newsletters. Contact them through e-mail and keep notifying them about the products, sales or any big announcement that you want to make.

Email marketing offers complete details of your brand to the customers at all times!


Never Compromise on Content

No tips or tricks can save you if the content that you create isn’t up to the mark. Good content is key to generate traffic and letting people understand your brand better.

The term ‘good’ here is subjective. It varies from brand to brand. Most of the times, brands require rich, high-quality content to market their products or services. After all, it’s the first thing that a customer notices. So if they don’t find it compelling, you cannot force them to buy your goods.

The theme, color, and context of the digital marketing plan must be in accordance to the brand image but there are a few things that you can control to make sure that there is enough on your website for the customers to explore and make a choice from.

Including blogs with attractive photographs or guest blogs increase your customer base. Also, a blog is capable of generating a decent amount of traffic if optimized properly with the use of right keywords. You must know that content is given utmost importance owing to the fact that it is the foremost aspect while developing SEO.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while creating content for digital platforms is the frequency with which the content needs to be shared. Every day the online world provides you with ten more alternatives to what is already being sold.

Trends are constantly changing. Businesses need to stay up to date at all times and post content at regular intervals. This action is very likely to have an overwhelming reaction through client engagement and relevance on search engines.

All I’m trying to say is produce good content and do it often!


Digital Marketing and Branding is extremely important as discussed above. The more we talk about it, the more we delve into the intricacies involved.