5 Tactical Gear EDC Items You Should Own

In these days of civil unrest, many citizens are taking it upon themselves to prepare. Though some may see this as unnecessary, others see it as a God-given right. For those who’ve ever been through a natural disaster (and the numbers are growing each year), it can prove to be helpful. There’s an old saying about hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

In a big hurricane, for instance, people become frightened and confused. There is often a shortage of gasoline for a while. In disasters such as hurricane Katrina, there were no police officers left on duty in the aftermath of the storm. Victims described the event as something so horrific that it felt like the end of the world. And very often, when people have this feeling (for whatever reason), they stop acting rationally.

There are a few things that can help in times like this, such as having the right supplies, tools and gear on hand. If you wait till there’s a storm, then it’s too late. The time to prepare is while there’s no emergency. Supplies, food, water and gasoline are plentiful. That makes preparation so much easier and much less expensive. 

So what are the five Tactical Gear EDC items you should own? In the past, this type of gear was only used by law enforcement and the military. But today, citizens are finding that some of these tools can be quite helpful. Hikers, hunters and fishermen already understand the need for some of these tools. You wouldn’t leave on a week-long hunting or fishing trip without taking the right equipment with you to survive out in the wilderness. 

1. Tactical Backpack

The first item you’ll need if you’re a survivalist is a tactical backpack. A good backpack will have pockets for your gun, knife, water bottles, food and other essentials. You need to keep these items handy and all in one place. They should be readily available at a moment’s notice. Be sure to look for a durable backpack that’s made out of a lightweight, breathable fabric. The straps should be adjustable so you can wear it comfortably all day if necessary. If you have specific needs, such as goggles or a helmet, make sure there’s room for those items.

2. Men’s Tactical Belt

When you need to get to certain items quickly, a tactical belt is great to have. You can place a flash light, pocket knife, sunglasses or other things you might need to get your hands on quickly. The best material for this item is tactical-grade nylon. It’s lightweight and durable. A quick-release buckle will make it easy to get in and out of. These are inexpensive but really valuable for staying organized.

3. Tactical Flashlight

There’s no replacement for a really good tactical flashlight. You can get something absolutely durable that will provide all the light you need in any situation for under fifty bucks. Today’s flashlights are smaller with various light modes and zoom focus functions. Be sure to get something with a battery charger and a couple of Lithium-Ion batteries. These are typically water proof, light weight and will fit in your tactical belt.

4. Combat Boots

As every soldier knows, having a good, comfortable pair of heavy duty boots is essential. Today’s combat boots are designed to give you a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection so you can venture into the most rugged environments. Manufacturers from Nike to Prada now make combat boots. For many people, they’re a fashion statement, but soldiers and outdoorsmen still wear them faithfully. Be sure to take them off every evening and open them up so they can dry out. After a hard day on the trail, they will become moist from body sweat.

5. Communication & Navigation Equipment

As we think about the types of disasters that have taken place in the last few decades, we realize that often, communication can be challenging. Cell towers can be easily destroyed by high winds and flooding. Street signs can be blown away. In order to stay in touch and on top of things, you’ll need to know what’s going on. And you’ll want to be able to contact loved ones or get information about what’s happening. For communication, satellite phones are the preferred method. They work even under the worst conditions. For around $200, you can find something that will work just fine. If you have the budget for it, Garmin makes a satellite phone that also provides navigation. This can be quite helpful if you’re out in the wilderness in an unfamiliar area. It’s so easy to get turned around and confused. Of course, a good old fashioned compass can be useful as well.

6. Non-Essential but Helpful Items

Some of the products that you’ll want to take along are actually not essential but helpful. For instance, blue tooth wireless ear buds will ensure you can enjoy your favorite music, podcast or book while on the go. A lightweight but comfortable sleeping bag can give you a warm, dry place to get some shut eye. A great pair of tactical gloves can save your hands from some pretty bad wear and tear. 

A boonie bucket hat is something that many hunters and fishermen own and wear when they head out on a new expedition. And speaking of fishing and hunting, they make special vests with all the pockets you’ll need to have a great day outdoors in the fresh air. These fishing and hunting vests are made of lightweight material that dries quickly and they typically have a dozen or more pockets to carry everything you’ll need.

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